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Troubleshoot for yourself - Dell related problems

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Yesterday One of my friend ask me to help him out, He was facing some problem with his dell laptop ( 1525 ) , His laptop goes off without showing any error message , It was just a power setting problem

today i thought of writing one FAQ post over dell (laptop) related problems with their solution, so here it is......

There is a vertical line coming on my screen ,pinkish in Colour on the left side of the screen..

For line on screen :

1. update video drivers from support.dell.com if that does not work

2. boot to BIOS , if still you see the lines on BIOS screen then there is problem with videocard or monitor,(LCD SCREEN)..

but if there is no problem on BIOS SCREEN , u have to format and reinstall windows .

You can also run Test by pressing Fn key while booting .But around 75% of such cases are problem with video drivers or LCD..

I formatted Vista and loaded win xp sp2 prof edition. Now my Fn key is not working (not the usual F1 and F2 stuff). Do i need to install a driver for this. if yes then which one.

More than 60 % people have formatted vista and facing problems with xp... Fn, f2 f8, f6 ...will not work now , because these came pre installed from Dell..


1. visit support.dell.com and download and install all the drivers according to your notebook. for XP .

2. if you have an active warranty . call del tech support . and tell them that your hdd had gone bad... tell them its not booting up .... and its stuck on blue screen ... they will tell u to boot to F6 or F8 screen , then tell them that u cannot see hdd over there ..

After that they will walk u through troubleshooting , do it smartly and make them replace your hdd ...important

TELL THEM TO SEND FIHDD (factory instaled hdd)..once u got them ...use vista

Keyboard Letter Keys not getting Pressed

update the BIOS

http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/,if that does not work , run the custom test that will test your keyboard .

When i start the booting process, the vista screen(Green and bluish) comes out and a small patch on my screen on the left hand side appears illuminated, it shows very light green color almost looking white....

Boot to BIOS ,,if screen has those patches then the video card or lcd is not working...connect a external monitor to check whether it is a lcd problem or a video card

but if patches are missing on BIOS screen then its software problem...update video and bios drivers if that does not work u have to reinstall windows

My wi-fi is not working...

there is a function key on which there is wireless logo

wireless logo >>>> http://www.psln.com/img/logo_wireless_icon.jpg, what you have to do is Press 'Fn' Key with that key >>> , for example if the wireless logo is on F1 key then you have to press Fn+F1., and for F2 you have to press Fn+F2.

computer restarts after certain time

Sound Problem!!

It could be problem with the codec needed to play the audio format, I would suggest the following steps -

1. To isolate whether it is some app causing the prob - disable all startup items and all non Microsoft services and then try playing the game. Also play some mp3 to check if the audio codecs have any corruption.

2. If mp3s play and game runs fine after doing step1 - try to single out the application from the list of startup items causing the problem and then reinstall the app. If music files also don't play -

uninstall the sound driver from the device manager and while doing so make sure you select the option if you have for deleting the driver files too. Reinstall the updated audio driver from support.ap.dell.com and then check.

3. If mp3s play but you still get the message while playing the game, install K-Lite mega codec pack - default selections and then check.

4. Additionally to doing the above if your OS is any flavour of Vista - then definitely run the following command at command prompt - sfc /scannow System goes off without any error messege

If computer restarts after certain time then try this 1st method :

method 1:

go to control panel >> change it to classic view and then go to power options >>on lest side click the option "change when computer sleeps" >> then change all options to never >> and save changes ....just below that >>click option of change advance power settings >>

there will be lots of option like hard drive , hibernate >> change the required one's to never then click "ok"..

method 2 :

xp users :

right click on my computer >> click properties

vista users :

right click on my computer >> properties >> click advance system settings

now both xp and vista : you are on system properties >> go to advance tab >> click on settings under startup and recovery area >> there will be an option " automatically restart" ....uncheck that option.....then click ok

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Margin for error ? - Supplementary results explained

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Supplementary results are those results which Google sees as duplicate or with similar content, Its a sign of duplicate content on the website, which get removed by Google in a weeks or months

if you think its happening with you then copy some text from your content and paste it in Google search bar, if you get more results other then your website, then its an indication of Duplicacy.

How is omitted results differ from supplementary results?

omitted results are only differ from supplementary results because they are less relevant then the supplementary results displayed

So what should i do if i see supplementary results for my website?

You see its just because of duplicate content so avoid doing copy and paste in your blog or website, if your site is few days old with less then few pages then there is every possibility that it must be having supplementary results

Will that affect my page rank?

Of Course, when your website or blog have this kind of reputation, then for what good reason they give you ranking.

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A Clean and Beautiful looking 3 column Wordpress template

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This clean looking 3 column wordpress template layout is surely among one of the well created 3 column theme with side bar widget

You can customize it a bit according to your need and requirement. all images used in it are light weight.

Its compatiable with firefox, Internet explorer (all version), opera, safari It supports Wordpress 2.5 and below

It also has drop down navigation.

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Download readmore


SEO Techniques: Link Building

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Inbound links are one of the main factors for ranking well for competitive keywords. But only number of inbound links can't do the job for you. Inbound links are only helpful when it is a one-way link or a relevant link for your site. That's why there is always two opinions regarding link building.


It started off long back when Google implemented the Pagerank concept in the Search Algorithm. Webmasters all over the world started misusing them for their own benefit. Concepts like Link Farms and bad neighborhood came into effect. Thanks to Google that took evasive measures to tackle this kind of spam through their numerous updates.


From my experience I can say that it is really tough to make your way to the top ten in Google for competitive keywords. Google considers Link as a vote of support from a site to another site on the web. And for that you have to pick quality links. Editorial links are the preferred ones but even links given out by other sites are appreciated. Link bought through any kind of network or Paid Links are the typical links that can harm you in the process and the effect may vary from poor performance to getting banned from Google.


For Yahoo and MSN the case is different. If you have proper structure with great navigation, content, and few numbers of links, then you have good chance to rank for fairly competitive keywords.


1. Do not link out to bad neighborhood site.

2. Always check the link provided to you.

3. Before giving a link out to any site think how it would help your visitors.

4. Getting a link from related site is much more appreciated.

5. Check the Anchor Text and the position of the link.

6. Check the Anchor Text of the link pointing out to the site linking to you.

7. Prefer directories for best one way links.

8. Editorial links are preferred ahead of other links.

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Copywriting - By Hand or Hire?

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Generating unique content can be time consuming. If content is needed for only select number of pages, it can be done by oneself or internally. If content needs to be generated across 1,000s of pages, content development becomes tougher.

One solution is "outsourcing" authorship to various copywriting companies that specialize is writing website content.

These companies usually have staffs that specialize in various categories and often provide bulk rates for mass production. Though we do not endorse any particular company or website (nor are we affiliated with any),

we have provided a short list of some available companies that are worth exploring:


Elance.com: Web Content Providers





M.L. O'Brien Communications


Copywriting through the API

Another solution is to automate the authoring process by writing scripts to convert the text and information from eBay's API into coherent, relevant "articles" that appear alongside the listings. eBay's API enables affiliates to access listing-level titles and descriptions - a wealth of text and information that can be turned into valuable content. For standardized items like DVDs, Books, CDs and electronics,

this information is standardized and cataloged - and is accessible via the API. For instance, look at the listings for "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" on eBay; there is valuable content in each listing that would supplement any related affiliate webpage. Of course, our information can be parlayed alongside other forms of relevant content such as datafeeds, pertinent articles, blogs, etc… just remember, content is only worthwhile if it is relevant and adds value!

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Natural Search Best Practices - Developing Content for Natural Search

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1) Add value to the Internet, and

2) Provide unique content

Adding eBay content via tools like the Editor Kit and the API is a great start; but to be indexed highly on the search engines (and to avoid being excluded from their indexes), it must be supplemented by relevant information and content. That content doesn't need to be overly extensive, but it must support the eBay level data (products, listings, pricing) presented on the page.

For instance, consider a webpage dedicated to the classic board-game Monopoly. There are over 3,000 "Monopoly" listings on eBay.com - all of which can displayed on your webpage(s) via our Editor Kit and API tools. That information is great, but the search engines want to see it alongside other value-adding content such as an introductory paragraph. A 200-250 word introduction would provide unique content, improve conversion rates and user experience, in addition to improving search engine rankings.

Developing the Content: Best Practices

-> Keep it relevant and pertinent

-> Keep it brief: For higher level pages (Nike), 200-250 words is ample; for specific products (Nike Shox NZ), 50-150 words will suffice

-> Place alongside matching products using either the Editor Kit or API

-> Highlight your keywords in the title and text

-> Avoid textual "spamming": the content must be coherent and valuable

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Blogging your way to the top of the search engines

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Basically, in a nutshell, a blog is an ongoing article of information on any given topic. With the technical side ,being an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds which are often seen on news and weather websites.

Considering that the majority of webmasters and internet gurus use blogging tools to generate a large chunk of search engine traffic to their websites.

The real power of RSS is that these article feeds are like fresh content on the blog which is exactly what search engines love. Search engines love websites that are updated with fresh information frequently.

Unfortunately blogs have been complicated and very confusing for the average net user to master

Many people use a blog just to organize their own thoughts, while others command influential, worldwide audiences of thousands. Professional and amateur journalists use blogs to publish breaking news, while personal journalists reveal inner thoughts. blog gives freedom to speak, say what ever you want to say.

So why not learn a little of this technology and start your own blog today.

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Two different PR for the Single website? -Reason Explained

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Yesterday i was browsing my freind website , Then i thought of checking the page rank

I got shocked after checking the page rank becouse it was showing two different page rank for the website Page rank 4 and Page rank 5.

http://www.HisSiteName.com Shows PR 4and Shows 2,310 Indexed pages in google.

While http://HisSiteName.com Shows PR 5 and Shows 4,930 Indexed pages in google

After much reserch i conluded that it happened becouse Google views a page with www and without www as different pages, www is better because it makes it easier for the search engines to crawl the site.

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Exploring Organic traffic - SEO lesson

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Firstly we need to understand what is Organic traffic, Its a traffic that comes from search engines and directory.

Today i will tell you how you can increase your Organic traffic.

Article submission is the cheapest and one of the most effective forms of link building.there are different Article submission website such as Digg , Ezine

Here is the list of methods you can work upon , some of them really do wonder if you do it effectively.

Article Marketing - You need to write short summery of the related topic , these articles are then made available in their respective market place and helps you to boost your web traffic Forum - Go find related forums and actively participate in the discussion, do comment on topic related blogs and add signature under your comment you will get targetteed traffic then you can make them regular by writing quality content

Rss Feed is a way to know about your total number of subscribers, RSS reader checks the user's subscribed feeds regularly for new work

Some other methods include Offline Magazines, Email marketing, Link exchange, Press release Don't forget to subscribe!

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Many reasons to hate Google Chrome Beta

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Its fast but who needs a faster browser which crashes time to time, pages doesn't load properly

i have a mcafee antivirus and is set to maximum protection, and is always enabled, i cant connect to net through chrome .until i disable my mcafee antivirus.

Firefox on the other hand with especially tabs mix plus (tabs scrolling enabled ) and firefox buttons add ons gives the most preferred results. firefox is customizable and can be easily modified with add ons

we cant say its a total failure ,but it surely not comparable to firefox in its beta stage, chrome is fast but its equivalent to firefox

we can install FAST DIAL plugin in Firefox to get the snapshot of bookmarked sites, which gives the same look and feel that we get from Google chrome.

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A simple looking Scrap can make you lose your Orkut Profile

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We often see those attractive glittering Images and text in our scraps, At first glance those cute looking Images doesn't look like as it can harm you in any way

But its not the truth, around 10 percent of graphic scraps are suspicious and it can even make you lose your Orkut profile.

Shocked ?

Here im telling you what exactly a hacker do with those beautiful looking images to gain unauthorized access to your orkut profile,and make you a weeping baby crying for his profile

A suspicious looking Graphic scrap look like a Usual Glitter scrap from orkutstyle and orkutglitter website.

Click Here to send This to Your All Friends

A hacker uses a simple html code to create those Graphic scraps, ( in place of Orkut.com hacker use his Fake page link for this task)

Hacker Create a Fake Orkut login page and link it to the graphic image, when victim click on that link he gets directed to that Phishing page, Victim unknowingly Enter his login details and give away his password to hacker.

Its easy to differentiate between Genuine and fake pages. just keep an eye on the url, if the link you see is other than orkut and hosted on any other website then its a Phishing Page



An effort made in understanding dynamic url

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Crawlers dislike Dynamic Url becouse of the fact that they are not search engine freindly, websites with lots of dynamic url doesn't get their all pages indexed

Generally e-commerce sites, forums, sites with CMS ( Content management system ) and some blogging websites like wordpress uses Dynamic url ,though it doesn't affect their popularity.

Does Static url gets high Rank then dynamic url ? and the anwer is YES, this is becouse dynamic pages do not have any keywords in the url.

So the big question is what efforts should be done to avoid indexing problem by search engines ?

For that we need to understand what are Dynamic url , so what are dynamic url ?

Dynamic url are page address of a website that results from the search of a database drven web site that runs like php and javascript, content of dynamic website changes frequently,On the other hand we have static webpage in which content remains the same unless and untill we change it manually

We can identify url as dynamic or static just by looking the link

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Not just Music, tune into Worldspace satellite Radio

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There were times when radio was the most popular medium to cater to the entertainment and information needs of common man in both rural and urban india, but with the advent of television followed by cable , the golden era of radio almost came to an end,

The period post 2k will be remembered as the reincamation of radio, with big FM players adding glamour to the 'common person' medium.

This entertainment medium has been further enriched with the worldspace satellite radio entering the fray to entertain the people in an all new avatar, it was Noah samara who thought of worldspace satellite radio with the objective of reaching out to the world , it started in 1990.

The advantages that set the worldspace system apart from traditional radio are - the receiver is equipped with a data port that transforms it into a wireless modem cable to download data to personal computers, its digital signal means no fading, noise or interference

Currently, there are different channels satisfying the need of the listeners, A few of them that may suit your interests are -

Download Download Download Download
Download Download Download cell 8



Chinese Pirated cell phones can be biggest threat for security agencies

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These Phone either doesn't contain any IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity ) number or contain a clonned IMEI , It helps security agencies to track movement of Lost mobiles and to recover its call details, usually IMEI number gets registered with the service operator when the call is made from a mobile

Though in chinese Phones its hard to recover call details , anti-social elements and terrorist could use this cheap device.

Some operators in Gujrat are started blocking sim cards those doesn't contain any IMEI number, some chinese phone duplicates IMEI number through an online process , there could be 1000's of phone with the same IMEI number

Reason why people like to use these pirated cell phone is becouse they are cheap with lots of feature like touch screen which you cant get in any genuine mobile handset in the same price tag

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Read some of the classic and most popular Books

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Here is the collection of some of the most popular books and novels, some of them are hard to find online

1. 9/11 Descent into tyranny

2. America’s Secret Establishment—An introduction of skull and bones

3. The best Enemy money Can Buy -- Antony Sutton

4. Are You Good Enough: 15 Ways to Build a Confident Mindset

5. The secret

6. Women in Islam

7. Vikram and betal

8. Mein Kampf

9. The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Click on the Thumbnail to Download
Download Download
Download Download
Download Download
Download Download