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Know more about Del.icio.us and Social Bookmarking


While surfing the Internet you may find an interesting site and mark it a favourite in your browser, There is no way to share this site with your friends and over time you forget about it, The solution to this is social bookmarking, In the year 2003, Del.icio.us coined the term social bookmarking for its tagging services, Social bookmarking has become the most popular method to store, share, organize, manage and search bookmarks of web pages on the Internet, It is an easy way to collect resource and share them with other users publicly or privately depending on your preference, you can create repositories of these bookmarks and organize them by adding unique tags to them, Some bookmarking services also automatically organize these bookmarks by using the content in the web page itself

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has gradually evolved over the years and has additional features such as rating and comments added to it, it also has a unique features to import and export bookmarks between browsers and share them via email or social networks, Most bookmarking sites also provide web feeds to other users so that other users can view the most recent bookmarks, Social bookmarking comes in handy if you are using multiple computers, you can have all the bookmarks saved on the site for easy access from anywhere in the world, some of the most popular social bookmarking services are Stumpleupon, Del.icio.us, NewsVine and there are many others.



How does PCI Express Supercede its predecessors?


The PCIe or the PCI express ( Short for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express ), is an expansion card standard which has been designed to replace several older standards, Which include the PCI, PCI-X and AGP, unlike the PCI which was based on a shared parallel bus topology, the PCIe uses a point-to-point connection, which ensures faster communication between devices, Each point-to-point connection is called as a link, which enable both I/O request and sideband messages.

Also if you are hot plugging devices [ Like a flash drive ] the power consumption is considerably less than that used by the PCI, The other notable functionalities include greater bandwidth usage per connection pin and better error detection and error handling facilities, This ensures that a PCIe can be easily and more effectively incorporated with portable computers.

The latest version of PCIe v2.0, which offers both backward and forward compatibity to PCIe v1.x.



The main differences between 3G and 3G S iPhone


The main differences between 3G and 3G S iPhone --

  • ----3G S iPhone has an improved camera with 3mp cam featuring auto-focus and auto image property adjustment like brightness and stuff.
  • ----3G S iPhone has video recording capability, it can record video upto 30 frames per second. You can even edit your video instantly and share it.
  • ----3G S iPhone has capability to send video MMS.
  • ----3G S iPhone has an in-built magnetometer which is nothing but a digital compass which has its own advantage.
  • ----3G S iPhone has oleophobic coating on screen which helps in maintaining it neat.
  • ----3G S iPhone has a longer battery life of upto 20% more.

  • ----3G S iPhone has a better processor and more ram making it more than 2 times faster than 3G iphone.
  • ----3G S iPhone has voice control feature for controlling many functions in iPhone with your voice.
  • ----3G S iPhone has inline remote in headset for music control
  • ----3G S iPhone weighs 2 grams more
  • ----3G S iPhone has PowerVR SGX processor capable of handling OpenGL ES 2.0 allowing much more complex and better graphics than OpenGL ES 1.1, 3G iPhone is not capable of this.
  • ----3G S iPhone is available in both white and back colors with 16gb and 32gb capacities


Safely Preventing Media Player 11 from crashing


Preventing Media Player 11 from crashing:- Media Player 11 unexpectedly crashes after you insert a USB stick or Flash memory cards. What's the problem here? The Flash memory and the crashing of the Media player are actually co-related, If you have been affected by it with your USB stick, a hotfix will help you, It is provided by Microsoft at support.microsoft.com , close windows Media player, start the installation and follow the instructions, Only the file "mspmsp.dll" is updated.

Windows Media Playe r11

Background: The problem occurs because the Windows Media Device Manager wants to read the manufacturer information of the connected storage device, If the description layout of the affected Flash device is incompatible, It is a component of the Media Player in the affected module, It too crashes.



Do's and don't for a blogger


If you want to become a professional blogger, You need to know some usefull information (that many ppl think is not necessary). you just cant become successful in overnight you , select a good blogging plateform (Recommended blogger.com, wordpress.com)- - - - - - - - - - -

*choose a good theme

(so that you can write articles continuously on the topic you choose)

* Improve your writing skill

* Try to get good traffic through:-

* social bookmarking (digg, stumbleupon, delicious, technorati)

* press release

* Website that is dedicated for bloggers (bloglog, blogcatalog)

* SEO (to get good ranking in search engines)

* Forums


* Visit other people's blog and give your genuine comments.

* Reciprocal linking

And the next very important thing is .a blogger must know some psychological points. they also need to have patience which is really very important.

* Whatever happens maintain Consistency

* For the first three months you need to be extra careful, because most of the people quit blogging within the first three months.

* Make friendship with your fellow bloggers.

* Keep yourself happy and motivate yourself each and everyday.

* Teach others who are interested in blogging....believe me this will help you very much to grow as good blogger.