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Run Knoppix with a USB device


The given tutorial cover the entire procedure of running Knoppix continualy from a compact USB flash drive by using Qemu from a Windows 98, XP or a Vista host PC without always rebooting. Almost all your personal settings and changes will be automatically restored at boot with the Persistence image. This is completed by using Qemu emulation software in combination with a persistent virtual hard disk image file for recovering and restoring changes.

Qemu Knoppix main requirements:

* 1 GB Plus a USB flash drive

* A Windows running computer

* Knoppix ISO

* QKB.exe


Qemu Knoppix USB installation process:

>>. Download QKB.exe then run, a QKnoppix folder is created

>>. Download the Knoppix Linux ISO and shift it to the QKnoppix directory

>>. Click LaunchKP.bat from the QKnoppix folder to initiate Knoppix

>>. Press Enter at the boot prompt

>>. At the Knoppix Configuration ready, to use the home persistence option, Submit OK

>>. If everything is done appropriately you should now be booting into Knoppix via Qemu. Download knoppix DVD



Problems connecting online Games


Most online games connect to their respective servers with the help of some external applications, A famous example of the same is the Gamespy application that connects the game to the server. If this application isn't installed in your machine then make sure you get it installed from the website and try reconnecting to the game server. An important lesson to be learnt in online gaming is that many games fail to connect because of different versions of it installed across the internet. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that there are no patches or special updates installed in the client version of the game.

The server may not recognize the client if it detects another version installed on it. various game developer pages hold information of the version of the application that run on their perspective servers.


As a last resort you can use your patience and wait for a while before establishing a connection to the server again. There are chances that a server may crash temporarily because of power failure or bugs. This may take a while to be resolved



Spice S-940 ~ Feature rich cellphone


Spice Mobile has announced its Spice S-940, a technology advanced VAS-enabled cell phone with Latest features. M learning, in association with Famous learning portal mgurujee, It's unique feature helping users prepare for competitive exams such as CAT, MAT, IIT-JEE and CBSE, This gives students and youth the freedom to study while on the move, enabling mobile education in this competitive environment, The email2sms service is a unique platform whih provides email as SMS messages in the inbox,

Also provided is ibibo's New friend finder a social networking platform, The spice S-940 comes preloaded with other innovative features including a privacy lock, dazzle ringtones, Bluetooth remote control, and SMS scheduler, It also has a 2 - megapixel camera with flash, FM recording and dual speakers.

Spice mobile
Price: Rs 5,999


HughesNet Offer Blazing Fast Satellite Internet


I always thinking that having high speed internet would be the perfect solution to many problems, Dial up is damn slow. You see I have been Looking internet for several months trying to get a online job that I can do from home, but every job requires high speed internet.We reside in the middle of desert in Mexico and satellite Internet is the only Internet service that is available to me, My Friend finally purchased it. He asked me if i also look to go in with him and break the cost down the middle. I was suspicious at first, but I spent little time online researching if it was legal for me to do. I came away with the result that it was okay.

The high speed internet company is HughesNet satellite broadband service, you will get fast and cost of two~lane high~speed Internet service with a satellite,If cable and DSL service is not accessible in your area. HughesNet high speed satellite Internet service is the best option available to those people who are annoyed by slow access.


I finally got that Online job with my high speed satellite broadband service. It was a very simple Online job where you need to log into a call center and you had to answer questions about their products.

A regular connection offers speeds of 28.8 kbps to 56kbps, On the other hand HughesNet Internet Satellite broadband offers speed of 300 kb/s plus. Hughes Satellite broadband offers 30 times faster than the normal regular connections. With two channels, the satellite system, the antenna can send and receive data bits on the Internet and send it to the computer. HughesNet Internet Satellite broadband facilitate high speed data in both direction at up stream and down stream. The broadband connection is becoming more common,

HughesNet offers different plans according to your requirnment, there is a choice of five packages to choose from, starts from $59.99 Per Month to $189.99 Per Month superfast connection which is 110x faster than your dialup, you don't need to have a phone or cable line, Neither you need any software installed on your PC. For a quick and easy way down and downloading information, HughesNet High-Speed Internet by satellite is the right choice.



Usb devices with Windows XP | USB malfunctioned


Preventing PC crashes caused due to connection of certain USB devices Xp, The minute you connect a USB device to your pc, It shows USB malfunctioned and it crashes, A restart solves the problem only if you remove the device, There are probably a few dead drivers lurking in the underbelly if the operating system, Analyze hidden entries in the Device Manager, Which are almost certainly the reasons for the behavior.

To do this open 'Control Panel | System | Advanced | Environment variables' and then create two entries clicking the 'New' button - first create the entry 'Devmgr_show_details and put in the value '1', and then the second one 'Devmgr_show_nonpresent. devices with value also as '1' and then save the changes.

Usb devices with Windows XP

After this open device manager and click on 'View | Show hidden devices', The icon assigned to them is almost self-explanatory, Now delete all the entries that are related to the malfunctioning USB devices by right clicking on them and selecting 'Uninstall' Under no circumstances should you delete anything other than the hidden devices! Restart you computer once and your problematic USB devices should no Longer cause you any trouble