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Copywriting - By Hand or Hire?

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Generating unique content can be time consuming. If content is needed for only select number of pages, it can be done by oneself or internally. If content needs to be generated across 1,000s of pages, content development becomes tougher.

One solution is "outsourcing" authorship to various copywriting companies that specialize is writing website content.

These companies usually have staffs that specialize in various categories and often provide bulk rates for mass production. Though we do not endorse any particular company or website (nor are we affiliated with any),

we have provided a short list of some available companies that are worth exploring: Web Content Providers



M.L. O'Brien Communications

Copywriting through the API

Another solution is to automate the authoring process by writing scripts to convert the text and information from eBay's API into coherent, relevant "articles" that appear alongside the listings. eBay's API enables affiliates to access listing-level titles and descriptions - a wealth of text and information that can be turned into valuable content. For standardized items like DVDs, Books, CDs and electronics,

this information is standardized and cataloged - and is accessible via the API. For instance, look at the listings for "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" on eBay; there is valuable content in each listing that would supplement any related affiliate webpage. Of course, our information can be parlayed alongside other forms of relevant content such as datafeeds, pertinent articles, blogs, etc… just remember, content is only worthwhile if it is relevant and adds value!

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