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Natural Search Best Practices - Developing Content for Natural Search

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1) Add value to the Internet, and

2) Provide unique content

Adding eBay content via tools like the Editor Kit and the API is a great start; but to be indexed highly on the search engines (and to avoid being excluded from their indexes), it must be supplemented by relevant information and content. That content doesn't need to be overly extensive, but it must support the eBay level data (products, listings, pricing) presented on the page.

For instance, consider a webpage dedicated to the classic board-game Monopoly. There are over 3,000 "Monopoly" listings on - all of which can displayed on your webpage(s) via our Editor Kit and API tools. That information is great, but the search engines want to see it alongside other value-adding content such as an introductory paragraph. A 200-250 word introduction would provide unique content, improve conversion rates and user experience, in addition to improving search engine rankings.

Developing the Content: Best Practices

-> Keep it relevant and pertinent

-> Keep it brief: For higher level pages (Nike), 200-250 words is ample; for specific products (Nike Shox NZ), 50-150 words will suffice

-> Place alongside matching products using either the Editor Kit or API

-> Highlight your keywords in the title and text

-> Avoid textual "spamming": the content must be coherent and valuable

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