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An effort made in understanding dynamic url

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Crawlers dislike Dynamic Url becouse of the fact that they are not search engine freindly, websites with lots of dynamic url doesn't get their all pages indexed

Generally e-commerce sites, forums, sites with CMS ( Content management system ) and some blogging websites like wordpress uses Dynamic url ,though it doesn't affect their popularity.

Does Static url gets high Rank then dynamic url ? and the anwer is YES, this is becouse dynamic pages do not have any keywords in the url.

So the big question is what efforts should be done to avoid indexing problem by search engines ?

For that we need to understand what are Dynamic url , so what are dynamic url ?

Dynamic url are page address of a website that results from the search of a database drven web site that runs like php and javascript, content of dynamic website changes frequently,On the other hand we have static webpage in which content remains the same unless and untill we change it manually

We can identify url as dynamic or static just by looking the link

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