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When You can not reach somewhere, make sure that flowers do

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Though your presence may be the most invaluable gift for your kith and kin, a bunch of fresh flowers will definitely make them feel your presense and more certainly your care and affection. if you are also away from your loved once and find yourself in a similar situation then knowledge about a few of the following websites will definitely help you send your care throgh flowers.

www.phoolwala.com It is one of the widely used flowers delivery networks in india. its delivery service spans over 120 cities in india. the site is well trusted to deliver fresh flowers as well as gifts to your loved ones. the delivery is made on the same day with free transportation to all cities

www.flowerdeliveryindia.com The site offers delivery of flowers, cakes, chocolates, sweets and gifts purchased through the website to its customers. it also delivers the gifts on the same day with a reach over 150 destinations across indiawww.allindiaflorist.com It delivers fresh rose blooms and flowers across india at reasonable prices. the site caters to its users wutg floral gifts and flowers in india. there is also an arrangement for dry fruits, sweets and cakes, the orders can also be placed on +91 987064001

www.fernsnpetals.com Redefining the concept of flower retailing and making even rare flowers readily availabke to indian consumer, ferns 'n' petals offers delivery services online for over 100 products, ranging from fresh flowers and artificial flowers to cakes, combo gifts and sweets to across 46 locations in india. the company also sends flowers both with in india and global level and pampers its users with exotic and exquisite flower arrangements. indiafloristnetwork.com Its a network of florists from various cities and towns of india providing a common platform for exchange of orders between members, florists. The site offers delivery of a wide range of flowers and various other gifts along witha greeting cards containing your message, there is also a facility to deliver the gift at dot time according to your instruction.

the payment of the gifts thus purchased can be made online and offline as well. while the online options include payment through credit card, e- banking and ITZ card, the offline payment can be made through cheque or demand draft.

while making these purchases through these websites, pay due attention to the contact details.



Third Co-founder of Google? How true is it.

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Just at the time when Google is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary, Hubert chang An unknow person till now has claimed to be the one of the co founder of Google , He published his video on vimeo, chang said that he helped sergey brin and larry ( co-founder of google)

"The design includes the search engine algorithm, the business model (also called AdSense and AdWords), the name of the company, the outline of the system architecture, a corporation culture like a grad school, and Google's growing path," Sydney Morning Herald quoted Chang,

Google said its completely baseless in an interview, but they haven't said that sergey brin and larry dont know him

his claim doesn't seems genuine becouse why he waited 11 years to make his declaration.

Chang claims that he abandoned Google 11 years back because of his father's desire for him to complete his PhD at New York University.

Today, though, Google has a market capitalisation of 138 billion US dollars. And Page and Brin are worth 16 billion US dollars each, according to Forbes.

Chang says that Page and Brin asked him in September 1997 whether he would like to put his name on the academic paper that first described the Google search system, but he declined the offer so he could focus on his studies.

He said that the decision was difficult, uncomfortable and, in hindsight, unwise, but it "made sense" at the time.

Chang says that it was Stanford computer science professor Rajeev Motwani, who first introduced him to Brin and Page.

However, Motwani told InformationWeek that though he may have passed on a few emails but Chang's claims were "completely unfounded in reality".

"After viewing this tape, some people might think I'm lying, some might think I'm crazy, some might be upset, while others will consider I'm honest. But the tape has to be made," said Chang.

Chang has also claimed that he did try to contact Page and Brin after finishing his PhD in 2002 but they ignored him. Chang claims that it may be because they were either busy, did not know how to position him or did not want to "fully acknowledge the past".

In the video he does not explain why he waited 11 years to come forward and neither did he respond to a request for an interview.

On the other hand Google said that Page and Brin had "no recollection" of meeting Chang, "however, given the number of people they've met in the last decade it's impossible to say categorically that they never have".

Google said: "Rajeev Motwani, the Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at Stanford, believes he may have shared some emails from Mr Chang with Larry and Sergey in 1997 or 1998. But in any case PageRank had already been developed by that time and was a working prototype."

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What is competitive ad filter? A must read

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Competitive Ad Filter is a very powerful feature in our Adsense account so we should know how it works for getting the right result!

Let me start by explaining a senareo.

Pratik has a site that sells weight loss e books say for $ 20. He is also an adsense publisher. so he will naturally have ads relating to weight loss in his site through adsense.

Now Brad is another guy who has a site that sells weight loss e books for $ 15. And brad is an advertiser with GOOGLE ADWORDS. Now its possible that Brad's ad appears on Pratik's site.

Pratik has every possibility to lose his visitors to Brad!!

What can Pratik do??

Jus log on to his adsense account

go to adsense set up

select the competitive ad filter

(now he gets a text area where he can enter upto 200 urls)

Pratik can now enter the url of Brad's ad that is appearing on his site.

Google doesn't allow ads from any url that is typed into this filter to appear on your site.

You may now be asking: My site does not sell anything! so why should I need this??

There is a possibility here. Jus read on...

For this, I shall take another case. Ben has a site featuring insurance. Ben's site can have different ads in it. Some of the ads may be of big insurance firms like the State Farm or the All State. There can also be ads from sites like Monster.com (Insurance JObs!!) Now jus think what will Monster be willing to pay Google for a single click. Not much, 'cos Monster does not get much from a single visitor.

And now think of State Farm! A single visitor to their site may buy Insurance worth 1000s of dollors. So naturally State Farm will be willing no pay more!!

Now you can cleverly avoid the advertisers who pay less jus by entering the url that appear with the ad of that particular advertiser in your Competitive ad filter.

This means that no less paying ads!! Each click will gain you more..

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how can i avoid being banned from Adsense?

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For this time Google is likely to spare you since you are at the initial stages and most importantly your earnings is small!!

Google does not publish based on what they actually make the bannin decision! It is thought that Google keps an eye on ur CTR and ip to figure out fraud clicks!!

Google has a high knowledge of how the CTR of a real time site can vary. When your account shows a difference with this, you are put on note!

Some of the guys I know who lost their account, were not allowed to use their existing id or home address to make a second account. But when you cancel an account you can get the new one in your existing id and home address. Anyways I don't recomment you to do this now!

Use some of the highly paying keywords that we have given in this community. Using high paying keywords and properly setting your competitive ad filter can work wonders for our site.

Try the optimum positioning of your ad units too..

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100,000 from Adsense, is it possible?

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Yes it’s possible to earn a lakh per month from Adsense. Let’s see what it takes!

I don’t know what kind of website you have, nor do I know your traffic figures. Let’s assume a few things to proceed.

At present your

CTR = 2%

Page views per visit = 2

CPC = $0.1

Here we go...

Say you have 3000 visitors per day at present, then

Earnings = 3000 x page views per user x CTR x CPC

= 3000 x 2 x .02 x 0.1

= $12

= $360 a month

= Rs 14400 a month [1 USD = Rs 40]

Now, how can we increase this to Rs 100,000 a month? There are two sets of things that we can work on, one set that can be achieved almost instantaneously and another, which takes time.

Instant Increase

There are a set of things that you can do to increase your earnings instantly. They are

Increasing your CTR

This can almost be achieved instantly by choosing better placements for your ads, the right colours for them and the right format.

Increasing the number of page views per visit

By using effective internal linking and providing catchy headlines, you can increase the page views per user to great extend. Let’s say you manage to make this 4 after a series of modifications on your pages.

Now let’s have a quick calculation based on your new figures.

CTR = 4%

Page views per visit = 4

CPC = $0.1

Here we go.

Let your traffic remain the same. Ie; 3000 visitors per day, then

Earnings = 3000 x page views per user x CTR x CPC

= 3000 x 4 x .04 x 0.1

= $48

= $1440 a month

= Rs 57600 a month [1 USD = Rs 40]

Gradual Increase

Now that you earn Rs 57600 a month for your present traffic, there are a set of things that you can use to make it touch the Rs 1 lakh mark. They are

Search Engine Rankings

You can do a lot of optimization on your pages and get some better rankings. Even the traffic I have mentioned above is not possible to acheive without a good search engine presence.


Just think that you if you are able to double your traffic, you will almost double your income too. It could easily touch the 1 lakh mark. But it’s not that easy to simply double your stable existing traffic.


Find the keywords that are better paying than the one we used ($0.1). There are such keywords in most industries. You can write pages on such keywords, add these pages to your existing site, drive existing traffic to these pages and better monetize.

Now let’s recalculate with an increased traffic and a better CPC (slightly increased).

CTR = 4%

Page views per visit = 4

CPC = $0.15

Say your new traffic is 3750 per day visitors at present, then

Earnings = 3750 x page views per user x CTR x CPC

= 3750 x 4 x .04 x 0.15

= $90

= $2700 a month

= Rs 108,000 a

month [1 USD = Rs 40]

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How to get Information that we dont get by Normal search

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People do search usualy by searching Google.com, but many times we dont get desired information, This is becouse we are searching through a server which is filtered for not showing results for that keyword

For example: type any thing related to hacking u wont get any information related to tht(for most time)....google filters those search results

Itz time for trick


go for this

this is a chinese server wer the results are not getting filtered

u can get wht ever u need wch u dont get from www.google.in

hope u got my point....hey guys this is written on my own experience



A funny prank that will make you laugh

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1. Go to the following site : http://www.tatuagemdaboa.com.br/

Wait for the lady to appear, then ...

2. Write your first name in the 1st line.

3. write ur frnz name in d 2nd LINE No need to write your e.mail address.

4. Press the VISUALIZAR bar.

and then simply watch the video!

i bet u wil be shocked....

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CAT goes online Next year, whats your take on that?


CAT will now be a frenzied blur of clicks. Ending weeks of speculation, the Indian Institute of Management has come out and declared its intention to conduct the Common Admission Test (CAT) online from November 2009.

The decision will impact thousands of students who appear for the highly competitive entrance exam at centres across the country in the hope of scoring high enough to make it to one of the IIMs. The online move will mean changes but internet-age students seem comfortable with the idea.

If the exam goes online, not all students will be able to take the exam on the same day as is the case now. The exam will have to be conducted in staggered batches within a window period of a few months. The other change will be that instead of the current single exam paper, the online test will have several different papers of the same level of difficulty.

The online model will be similar to US exams like the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) except that the results will not appear instantly.

Asish Bhattacharyya, admissions chairperson at IIM Calcutta, said that an online system would "help us handle the huge number of students appearing for the test every year. Last year the number crossed 2.3 lakh". This number is only expected to increase with projections of three lakh-plus in 2009.

The process of conducting the exam—including processing the results and reporting the scores—will be outsourced to a private service provider who has prior experience in online tests. "But the IIMs will retain complete control over the test," said an official.

Most students who are comfortable with the online world have welcomed the move. "I think it’s a great idea if CAT goes online. This will make it more transparent and error-proof," said Mehul Gandhy, a B-school aspirant.

So what You people feel about this ??? do comment please

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Optimizing your Adsense Web Site

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Today we will have a brief intro about search engine optimization of your adsense web site. I plan to make this a series with around 10 posts so that you can take your site to the top 10 in search engines.

Many guys start adsense web sites n they themself click on their ads or ask their friends to click on them. This is actually a violation of the Google terms of service. Still if you would like to do it, DO IT WITH ATMOST CARE!!!

ut there is some thing that you can do to increase your click through rates. You jus have to analize ur site! Think on how to get more traffic to your web site.

Any web site has two kinds of traffic:

Organic Traffic

Inorganic Traffic

Organic traffic arises from search engines. This traffic is free n so huge and the visitors will be having much interest in the topic of your site.

Inorganic traffic is that which arises from people directly entering your url into the web browser and reaching your site. This traffic is smaller and is hard to get initially.

This series will cover a set of optimizations (both on page and off page) that you should do to get maximum ranging in the search engines and thereby inviting the flood of traffic!!

We will start with first in the series next week about On page Optimization. It will be titled: Choosing the right keywords

Please do reply to these topics with your doubts n views. You can also ask for what more you need to know.

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Hidden Movie in Windows XP

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Its certainly not like the one that you watch in your dvd or tv ,Its entirely with ASCII in the Windows XP operating system

Many ppl. don't know that windows XP have a hidden "Star Wars Movie" inside it….

What u have 2 just follow these steps:

1. connecte ur PC to the INTERNET for using this.

2. Go to Starts..click “starts” button

3.Click on “Run” button.

4.TYPE [telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl] ( COPY & PASTE IT)

And hit enter / ok......... Now it opens…enjoy… readmore