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How Will My Baby Look?


Wow so you are about to get married? and you want to know what your babies will look like in the future. Well you can with the baby face generator from make-my-baby.com.

You could be one of those couples who always wanted to know what it would look like if you had a baby together. The colour of the childs eyes, hair, what the child would look like if it was a girl or a boy?

These questions and more will be answered with this amazing online baby generator. Now you do not have to wonder what your baby looks like anymore.

Also before you decide to marry your patner you could check to on what it would be like if you had a baby together.

How do you create a future picture of your baby?

* Go to make-my-baby.com

* Upload two photes, one of you and one of your parnter

* Sit back and watch the picture generate on the screen or striaght to your mobile phone

The whole idea behind this website is too use the lastest technongly to create an example of how your baby will look. But remember, it is just an example (but a high quality and amazing example) so don't take it too seroiusly. It is also very fun to use.

However, it is great fun to use the baby generator and you can use it right now: How will my baby look? I want to know now