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Nokia N97 Offers Excellent value for money


Nokia has taken mobile Technology to the next level with Nokia N97, The real question is will the phone live up to its huge price tag ? Or will it buckle under the weight of expectation? But we have to say that Nokia N97 had tremendous potential to do really well compared to some of the other devices out there, You can buy Nokia N97 if money's no object, Nokia N97 has a Excellent looks for making dramatic style statement.

Nokia N97


The only word that comes to mind is "sexy" This phone has a multitude of features and yet remain stylish and compact. The large TFT LCD touchscreen display has a resolution of 640 x 360 which is the highest to be found in the market, It has standard 3.5 mm earphone socket, The 5 megapixel camera is located at the rear and there is also a secondary VGA camera, The N97 is not unlike most of the other new mobile out there in the same class, The Nokia N97 browser rendering of pages was also faster on this device as compared to other others, This phone has also Wi-Fi capability

Aside from USB 2.0 connectivity, the storm is also fully Bluetooth 2.0 ready with an A2DP profile for use with stereo Bluetooth headsets, Part of the Nokia N97 is a built in GPS with A-GPS support


The Nokia N97 audio player is simply brilliant, We didn't think that the bundled hands-free earphones were the best choice for listening to music as they behan to jar a bit at peak volume, Nokia N97 5 megapixel camera is brilliant, Images taken in normal daylight settings look pretty good with a fair amount of detail retained

Overall its a great with multimedia and Internet surfing, Maps and Wi-fi.



Protecting your Wi-Fi network from connection problems and hackers


Wireless networks must basically be protected with the latest WPA encryption standard (Wi-Fi Protected Access), Sometimes, Wi-Fi routers in Centrino notebooks experience sporadic connection problem, Due to this, the notebook loses the connection to the WLAN router every 30 or 60 minutes, There could be two reasons: there could either be some problem with the router or there could be something amiss with the connection software used in notebook

I recommends using the Wi-Fi connection utility provided by Microsoft with Windows XP and above, This works perfectly with all Centrino-Compliant Wi-Fi adapters, It is best to unistall any other managers if you do not read the special functions of the proprietary software, If the windows tool alone has control over the network device, Then safe operation is guaranteed from the notebook, With the router itself, you must make sure the latest antivirus software is installed, In order to check that, open the configuration page of the router in your PC's web browser

protect your wi-fi

Often routers have a static IP address which when typed into the address bar of the web browser, opens the configuration page , This address is available in the device's manual, On the other hand , if you have changed the configuration of the router making this static address invalid, you can find out the right address with the help of the ipconfig commands enter the command "cmd" under "start | Run" Type the command "ipconfig" in the next window, After hitting [Enter], some network data is displayed, The number combination following the "Default Gateway"entry is the IP address of your bar of your browser, Then go to the configuration menu of the router and first check the whether the firmware is the latest, Refresh and restart the router, If required,

Now, check the enryption settings sometimes, It is possible to activate a sort of automatic "WPA or WPA2" encryption mode, This is a very simple security measure, however, in some router-client combinations it can lead to the sporadic disconnections as described in the beginning, Therefore, change the encryption setting to the "WPA or WPA2" method - depending on which mode your notebook supports best, WPA2 is obviously stronger, Thus, your network is not only protected against disconnections, But also against hackers.



Identify Your Hard Disk Problems


Usually, users identify hardware complaints far too late, almost when the hard disk has given up or the CPU is burnt out. By that time, No tool can help save your pc, Luckily, identifying problems at the right time and helping the pc stay healthy is child's play. To find hard disk problems, use the tool HDDlife, This program monitors all windows partitions, analyses read errors as they crop up, and assesses the reliability and the performance of your drives, Additionally, HDDlife monitors the temperature of the HDD so you can combat death caused by overheating with adequate time in hand,

Since the program also displays how many hours the hard disk has been in operation. It is easy to track how long it will continue working on the basis of the data from the manufacturer

Tip: For Vista, the tool offers a sidebar gadget with which you can constantly keep an eye on space utilization, You can find more information at hddlife.com

Check Your CPU:

An occasional check of the CPU is an essential part of system monitoring, This is because temperature and processor utilization values shooting through the roof are the first warning signs of a defective fans or programs taxing the system too much, With the tool Core temp, This is not a problem, The program runs without needing any installation and immediately displays all the information you need, Observe for example, the heat generated, If the CPU is continuously staying warmer than 60 degrees Celsius, you must check the fans, A complete list of compatible chip sets and a few add-ons can be found at alcpu.com/coretemp.

Monitoring on the desktop:

If you don't want to run several monitoring tools at the same time, The mini application Bginfo, Which is actually a part of the Microsoft sysinternals suite, is exactly the one you need, Based on predefined commands, You can directly see system information on the desktop, such as the version number of the most recent service pack that installed, the name of the host, The hard disk partitions, the network connections, and the amount of free RAM. You can find the package and more info at Microsoft.com



How to find the latest ringtones


Ringtones are prime and we all want one. Did you ever come across names of songs though and wonder what they could mean? It has to be songs that you never listened to. There's a site I came across where I return because it's really a good one with a comprehensive selection of possible ringtones in every possible category. Instead of heading over to Pogo tonight, I set up my own amusement here with songs I haven't heard but just saw the titles to.

Under Tecno there are a lot I never heard so

Poker Face by Lady GaGa - Not showing expression cause she's just in it for the cash.

Don't Trust Me - Young player giving fair warning to the ladies.

Knock You Down - A bowler talking to the bowling pins.

Boom Boom Pow - Some dude named Boom Boom is going to get punched.

Sandstorm - What all our deployed soldiers are facing every day.

Want It Need It - A banker talking to the government about getting MORE bail out money.

Gives You Hell - A parent when you smash up the car.

You Found Me - Who said I was lost?

Bad Girlfriend - Description of the last three of mine who dumped me.

(that's why I'm sitting here making up this stupid game to take my mind off her/them)

OMG! All I went to www.brinked.com to do was get myself a ringtone that doesn't remind me of her and here I sit wasting all this time. OMG what should I choose? Guess "Addicted" would explain how I feel about her. Woe is me. Hope I can get a new gf by next weekend or even sooner. I'm outa here dudes!

Looking for Some cool ringtones for your cell phone? Visit US Cellular Ringtones it offers hundreds of ringtones, including many current popular chart hits.



Games crashes while playing


To begin diagnosing games crashes while playing you need to first check if there are any external factors causing this sudden change in behavior of the game. The first check should be made to determine if there have been any changes in the hardware configuration of the game Make sure that the graphics and sound are unchanged and unaffected. Also run a check to see if there are newer,

Better drivers available on the internet and install them accordingly. Games and other software applications experience problems during execution because of other application that use the same resources as these. It is important (especially in the case of heavier games), to ensure that you close all other software application before playing

If the game still causes problems during execution then reinstall the game. Make sure that you have a backup of your saved games (that's if your game allows this). There is a chance that a certain file got corrupted and reinstallingis the only alternative left