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Troubleshoot for yourself - Dell related problems

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Yesterday One of my friend ask me to help him out, He was facing some problem with his dell laptop ( 1525 ) , His laptop goes off without showing any error message , It was just a power setting problem

today i thought of writing one FAQ post over dell (laptop) related problems with their solution, so here it is......

There is a vertical line coming on my screen ,pinkish in Colour on the left side of the screen..

For line on screen :

1. update video drivers from if that does not work

2. boot to BIOS , if still you see the lines on BIOS screen then there is problem with videocard or monitor,(LCD SCREEN)..

but if there is no problem on BIOS SCREEN , u have to format and reinstall windows .

You can also run Test by pressing Fn key while booting .But around 75% of such cases are problem with video drivers or LCD..

I formatted Vista and loaded win xp sp2 prof edition. Now my Fn key is not working (not the usual F1 and F2 stuff). Do i need to install a driver for this. if yes then which one.

More than 60 % people have formatted vista and facing problems with xp... Fn, f2 f8, f6 ...will not work now , because these came pre installed from Dell..


1. visit and download and install all the drivers according to your notebook. for XP .

2. if you have an active warranty . call del tech support . and tell them that your hdd had gone bad... tell them its not booting up .... and its stuck on blue screen ... they will tell u to boot to F6 or F8 screen , then tell them that u cannot see hdd over there ..

After that they will walk u through troubleshooting , do it smartly and make them replace your hdd ...important

TELL THEM TO SEND FIHDD (factory instaled hdd)..once u got them ...use vista

Keyboard Letter Keys not getting Pressed

update the BIOS,if that does not work , run the custom test that will test your keyboard .

When i start the booting process, the vista screen(Green and bluish) comes out and a small patch on my screen on the left hand side appears illuminated, it shows very light green color almost looking white....

Boot to BIOS ,,if screen has those patches then the video card or lcd is not working...connect a external monitor to check whether it is a lcd problem or a video card

but if patches are missing on BIOS screen then its software problem...update video and bios drivers if that does not work u have to reinstall windows

My wi-fi is not working...

there is a function key on which there is wireless logo

wireless logo >>>>, what you have to do is Press 'Fn' Key with that key >>> , for example if the wireless logo is on F1 key then you have to press Fn+F1., and for F2 you have to press Fn+F2.

computer restarts after certain time

Sound Problem!!

It could be problem with the codec needed to play the audio format, I would suggest the following steps -

1. To isolate whether it is some app causing the prob - disable all startup items and all non Microsoft services and then try playing the game. Also play some mp3 to check if the audio codecs have any corruption.

2. If mp3s play and game runs fine after doing step1 - try to single out the application from the list of startup items causing the problem and then reinstall the app. If music files also don't play -

uninstall the sound driver from the device manager and while doing so make sure you select the option if you have for deleting the driver files too. Reinstall the updated audio driver from and then check.

3. If mp3s play but you still get the message while playing the game, install K-Lite mega codec pack - default selections and then check.

4. Additionally to doing the above if your OS is any flavour of Vista - then definitely run the following command at command prompt - sfc /scannow System goes off without any error messege

If computer restarts after certain time then try this 1st method :

method 1:

go to control panel >> change it to classic view and then go to power options >>on lest side click the option "change when computer sleeps" >> then change all options to never >> and save changes ....just below that >>click option of change advance power settings >>

there will be lots of option like hard drive , hibernate >> change the required one's to never then click "ok"..

method 2 :

xp users :

right click on my computer >> click properties

vista users :

right click on my computer >> properties >> click advance system settings

now both xp and vista : you are on system properties >> go to advance tab >> click on settings under startup and recovery area >> there will be an option " automatically restart" ....uncheck that option.....then click ok

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