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Politics - Next is What ? My Article


As the dust of the trust vote settles down, the Government will have to fulfill promises it made to the new coalition partners which will draw criticism from the opposition (vindicating their allegations of deals within deal). Government may backtrack from some of its promises and can still survive till the next elections. As a result disaffected parties and factions who supported Government switch alliances. Though the nuclear deal goes ahead, Government will find it difficult to sell it as an achievement in a country facing severe power shortages. Government will have to deal with some tough issues like inflation, agriculture (drought like situation across India), prices of petroleum products etc. and will have to make a fine balance in between populist policies of election year on one hand and some bold economic reforms in the sectors like power, retail, insurance, aviation etc. on the other.

Formation of the third front with Mayawati as the Prime Ministerial candidate, UNPA will aggressively take issues like price hike, Iran – Pakistan – India gas pipeline and implementation of Sacchar committee recommendations. On the other hand if tensions on the Iranian nuclear programme inflate, the Government will be pressurized to cut down its relations with the Iranians and join the sanctions. Mayawati will not miss this opportunity - Will poach Muslim votes of SP in UP and Dalit votes of Congress in a number of states – particularly Maharashtra, Karnataka and Punjab (which will play in the hands of BJP).

To appease DMK, the Government has questioned the existence of the Ram Setu in the Supreme Court and has declared (orally) its intentions to go ahead with the Setusamudram project. If it backtracks from its promise, the DMK may join UNPA and if the Government goes ahead with the project it will be a great help to the BJP – especially in North India where Assembly polls are scheduled in 4 states at the end As the Trust vote is over – NDA can take on Marxists by forming an alliance with Mamata Banarjee (TMC) in West Bengal where they are facing problems on the issue of state sponsored violence to push economic reforms.

As it appears right now, the Congress will have only a few states where it can hope of remarkable performance and can get reduced to less than 100 seats. That means the main contest will be between the NDA and the UNPA. If BJP can effectively make use of ‘Secular Right Wing Issues’ (issues which will unite Hindus but will not rally Muslims behind Congress) – NDA can get majority in the next elections. It looks more likely taking into consideration the anti incumbency factor and good campaign strategies it has demonstrated in the recent past.

Otherwise there will be a hung assembly – where UNPA will be second largest alliance followed by the UPA. Congress will have to make a tough decision whether to support its arch rival Mayawati as the Prime Minister with outside support from the Marxists or let the UNPA fractionize and indirectly help the NDA to form next Government. I see the first possibility more likely – in which UPA can support UNPA and Mayawati in name of keeping “Communal” forces away….. Such Government (with outside support of Congress and Marxists) can last for a couple of years as it had happened with the third front in the past. readmore


AddressGuard -- Protect ur Yahoo IDs on net

Well actually this info is quite old and might be known to many members.. but I just thought to put light into it again..This is a free service by Yahoo mail with which you can Create and manage disposable email addresses to defend your primary address against spam - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

for eg. if your e-mail id is yourname@yahoo.co.in and you don't want it to spread over many websites on internet then you can easily make disposable email ids, which will look like anyname-onlinejob@yahoo.co.in but no effects on incoming mails. This way you can manage your emails better. and you can even use your new disposable id to send mails.

Take its tour provided by yahoo and you will understand easily.. what is it and how it works and how it may help you. How to access and Setup ? A. Login to yahoo mail >> options >> mail >> AddressGuard First take a tour and then continue to setup.

You will be needed to

1. Choose a Base Name

2. Choose keyword

3. Done

4. Manage Disposable E-mails

Now I don't think there is much to tell more about it.

still Comments and queries are welcomed..

So, I suggest, Use AddressGuard and Be safe



Does 'Slumdog Millionaire' deserve an Oscar..??

The slumdog millionare was a true presentation of the real India and the indians who have to cope up with lots of challenges that most of us here cant understand..... it really deserves an Oscar... in the scene where in when the kids are chased away from the unused runway danny boyle shows what a slum life is like, danny boyle definitely deserves the tag of a genius for that alone if not for the entire movie.......but i personally think danny boyle is a genius. Slumdog millionaire is good between. a no. of things were highly exaggerated!! music is trendy and lyrics in a way were based on the movie line...

screenplay is extra-ordinary... cinematography is great! direction by danny proved it wasnt an 'indian' film!!

script was as a said a little too loud!! production values in the country were poor...

all in all a great movie... dont really think it deserves an oscar in the best film catagory but it certainly does deserve it in a no. of catagory and as the film is largely in english, it will not be considered in the "FOREIGN LANGUAGE" catagory which will play in the films advantage!



Bads & goods about IPTV

I am using iptv (now i control) from past six months.....for me i am satisfied with the service......rohini (delhi) exchange....

1.Channel Quality ----> v good

2.Channel availabilty ---> except espn/star sports / colors / all leading channels are available......120 channels...200 VOD .. games not wrking....TSTV available only for the free to air channels...like DD gruop / b4u music only

3.Blackouts due to server breakdown ---> iptv is not dependent on mtnl bb server..even withou configuring the modem (i.e. without username / password) it connects it self to iptv server.......since i watch iptv only in nights i dont face any major black outs except 4-5 times in six months....u just on/off ur settop box & it starts wrking again

4.Low Internet Speed due to IPTV ----> yes ur DATA dl/ul speed is reduced to 256 kbps

5.Troubles in phone connection due to IPTV -----> no problem at all.

but here is some basic requirment for smooth funtioning-----

1. distance from exch <>

2. no parallel conn / joint free tel. line

3. ur SNR margin...... Down stream> 23 db

4. ur line attenuation .....down stream <>

5. ur tv must have audio-video port (RED-WHITE-YELLOW CONNECTORS)

If u have the Advantage of Normal Cable for Around 250 or Even 300 Rs per Month.... Stick with It ( if you dont have bsnl service in your area or you are living far away from bsnl exchange )

For Other Services (Picture Quality) :

1. Tata Sky & DIsh TV

2. CASE Set top Box

3. Normal Cable Line

Dish TV customer Service & Recharge Options are Really Dodgy

Tata Sky Beats Dish TV Any day..

No Idea about BIG TV yet



Chinese Mobile Won't Ring Soon! | China fake IMEI

What is government planning to do about china made spoofed imei's mobiles beacouse many chinese handsets have valid imei's but they are stolen from some branded mobile.. i borrowed my freinds chinese phone for a day to see what its all abt and was amazed to see it contained so many features frm TV to shake function!!!... and last but nt the least wen i entered the imei on a website to check its authenticity it said its valid n the manufacturer is Nokia and handset model is E90!!!

Also what is government gonna do if chinese handsets have valid imei but many such handsets hv the same imei and are operating on same or different networks.. shouldn't they be banned too....

Also only with few minutes of googling i came thru many softwares tht can b used to change the imei of chinese phones. to watever u want... i feel even if such fones r banned these shops who sell these fones will eventually download such softwares n start changing the imei fr a nominal price... who knws some imei generator is also created using the imei algorithm..(i dunno if it already exists or not)...

(extended deadline is 15th April)