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Advertise your website | Online Advertising


Although, there are many web portals offering the pay-per-click or PPC method of online advertising, search engines offer the best of returns to the advertisers. This is mainly because of the popularity they enjoy with users of any and every taste. As of the year 2007, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter have been the largest operators of this technique in the market. While Google was the fi rst search engine to come up with this service, Yahoo! Search Marketing entered this market by acquiring Overture Services, Inc. Although Microsoft’s MSN did not start this service formally under its own name until 2006, it also ran advertisement services provided by Overture Services, Inc.

Introduction to Google AdSense

AdSense is a service provided by Google, through which, your web portal can be advertised when keyword specifi c searches are made on any search engine. AdSense is preferred by both the webmasters and the users as they are less disturbing and annoying as compared to loud and flashy banners. Most web users use AdSense to make their content more commercially viable. The working of AdSense is very simple. Once you register your domain with Google AdSense, a JavaScript code will be sent to you. You need to incorporate this code into the source code of your website. The Mediabot, a Google proprietary, will crawl through your website contents to identify which keywords are present so that appropriate advertisements can be hosted on your website. Thus, in simple words, when you sign up with Google as a part of their AdSense program, your website would host sponsored ads, and you would be paid according to the price bid for the ad for each click.

Introduction to Google AdWords

AdWords is an innovative mechanism for advertising on the internet and make money blog. Google was the fi rst of the three search engine giants (the other two being Yahoo! and MSN) to come up with an advertising project of this nature. This service is lucrative to all advertisers, whether they have their own web domain or not. AdWords caters to all users irrespective of their online existence. As per this service, you need to create an AdWords account after which you can start earning, based on the

user clicks on your advertisements appear as per search results. To create an AdWords account refer to the mini workshop that’s at the end of this article.



Build your Niche store with Dummybuilder


Everyday, people do not Understand that spending great amount of time every day in making and maintaining their niche store online, they are not capable to generate money. Most of these people do not even know the fact they are using out of date methods and pretty old software, they are simply wasting their whole of time and webtraffic. So what is the reason that they are not able to make money out of it? What can you do if you are having same kind of situation of hard work and not decent income?

Well you should be smart and creative, and to bold out what it is that is working. There are many approaches to earn a decent income through Internet Marketing Online and also there has many ways in which you can lose your hard earned money. I think the main core problem with many of these Internet Marketing stores is that the great number of visitors leave in just 30 sec of entering your site. It’s an incredibly very common problem.

So have you ever thought why you are not getting any success ? this is beacouse You’re not giving people what they are looking for. Not much content to read, not much videos to watch and not many products to shop and buy.

money making

Yesterday i came across dummybuilder.com and it is quite different from all other affiliate website builders because you can easily create a website and make money out of it. this can be a time saving specially for beginners.

Dummybuilder is a stand alone website builder i have found that lets you create a website, It will add your affiliate IDs automatically and hundreds of products into your website. Site built with StoreStacker are automatically updated and are fully search engine optimized. Dummybuilder is best in terms of SEO, It uses HTML, meta tags and page structure to offer great search engine crawling of created websites, Dummy Builder also operates on the eBay affiliate program.

You can also customize your website with back end controls, so what all you need is to register for lifetime membership at dummybuilder and. You can create as many websites as you want and with a flat rate of $9.99/mo. Even though You can cancel hosting services anytime and still continue your Dummy Builder membership. If you want to host your Dummy websites some where else, but it should be hosting with Windows based hosting with ODBC database functions.

Dummybuilder is a fantastic affiliate marketing website which is more than just ‘worth a try’. You can order Dummybuilder, with one of the links in this post.



Hackers could play havok with your GPS devices


A simple device that can spoof a GPS satellite's positioning signal could soon be responsible for running your car off the road and into a trap laid by tech-savvy thieves. According to Cornell University professor Paul Kinter who was trying to build a customized receiver to analyze the effects of solar flares on GPS satellites, the process of manipulation is alarmingly easy. Those who want to send a spoof GPS signal would have to generate one while close to the intended recipient—approximately 50m—and also ensure that the signal is the strongest one.

Since GPS devices always process the strongest signal, the strong spoofed one would take over as the main reference point within seconds. This is how attackers can manipulate GPS position information on a victim’s device.


While Kinter's device is almost the size of a briefcase, he believes it can soon be reduced to the size of a cigarette pack. Still, the proximity requirement means it would be difficult to fool a GPS road navigation device installed in a car without mounting the transmitter somewhere in it too. Rather than targeting moving vehicles, the most immediate application could be to trick law enforcement agencies which use GPS to track people with restraining orders and those under house arrest. readmore


Best low cost ,and Reliable Hosting plans


One of the Best website that offer hosting is cpanel hosting. It's the oldest web hosting provider company established 10 years back. CpanelHosting.com provide an excellent relationship with the users. Cpanel hosting offers cpanel software hosting at cheapest cost .There are a many affordable plans available in cpanelHosting. They are listed below.They also offer Cpanel VPS Hosting and Reseller plans as per demand

1. The first one is shared hosting Plan. It offers Unlimited Disk space, Unlimited Data transfer, Unlimited hosting domains with Free domain for life. Cost of this plan is $4.99 per month only


2. Next is the cPanel Reseller Hosting Plan. It offers 10 GB of disk space. The user can have unlimited number of domains and the cost of this plan is $19.99 for a month

3. Next is the VPS hosting Plan. It storage space of 20 GB with 200 GB of Data transfer . The cost of this plan is $29.99/month. it also give 2 IP Address. The server offers around 99.9% efficiency, which is an industry standard. On an analysis, performance of my Other New Blog for a duration of 3 months starting from December, 2008, Cpanelhosting has proved to be the decent hosting service provider among thier competitors.

The charges in CpanelHosting is very affordable when we see thier Hosting packages with blazing fast servers and 24*7 customer service. So Before you purchase online web hosting, make sure you check out Special Web Hosting Packages at HostGator



Celebrity gossip and scandal might be injurious to PC health!


Brad Pitt has overtaken Paris Hilton as the most dangerous celebrity to search for in cyberspace according to Internet security company McAfee. Checking in the lifestyles of the rich and famous is not only a guilty pleasure, but could also be seriously dangerous for your PC. Fans searching for "Brad Pitt," "Brad Pitt downloads," or Brad Pitt wallpaper, screen savers or pictures have an 18 percent chance of having their PCs infected with online threats such as spyware, spam, phishing, adware, viruses and other malware.


Cyber criminals are the names and images of A-list celebrities including Beyonce and Justin Timberlake to gossip-seekers to fake websites which look legitimate. Actors Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake are the most dangerous men to search for on the Internet, while Beyonce and Heidi Montag top the list for women. Interest in Justin Timberlake's high-profile relationships makes him an easy dummy for spammers and hackers. When searching for "Justin Timberlake downloads" one Web site advertising free music downloads offered only spam, spyware and adware. Inputting "Beyonce ringtones" into a search engine brings up risky Web sites that promote misleading offers to gather consumers' personal information. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to trick consumers into infecting themselves seems to be capitalizing on their interest in celebrity gossip, tapping into current events and pop culture.



Searching right keyword for your Blog


So how do you start a new site? By choosing the right keywords, what else can you choose?Keywords and search engine optimization are the most important things you should concentrate on even before you really start building your site. keyword research should be done well before you choose your niche. Suppose you want to start a site related to insurance. You should do your keyword research at Adword keyword tool. Here you can type in your keyword (here insurance) and get the words that people around really use to search about it (insurance).

keyword research

This tool can actually give you a large number of words in relation to your keyword and also the corresponding searches that have been made on Yahoo.com Overture for each of these terms during the previous month. Please be wise enough to locate 2-3 words with average competition to start with.

This will be what you get:

Searches | Keywords

3004788 car insurance

926156 insurance

739860 online auto insurance quote

413514 home owner insurance

378971 health insurance

370071 auto insurance quote

337733 online car insurance ...

DON'T start a site right away with the most general keyword like Insurance because it can have a huge competition n it may be difficult to survive the competition for a newly built site.

Instead you can try more specific keywords like '21st century insurance' which lies towards the bottom (not shown)and have less competition. Once you start getting traffic, go for the once with higher competition.

The importance of keyword research lies in the fact that if you create a very good site on a topic that no one actually searches for then what good is it for??