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Google chrome has some features that no other browser ever had.

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Google launched it's very own web browser (beta) on (2 September 2008). Going by the trend so far Google applications are known to be a hit in their beta stage itself.

Google chrome has some features that no other browser ever had.

1. Incognito Window : You can open Incognito Window from the menu next to address bar. Whatever you browse in this window will not be recorded in history.

2. Task Manager : It has its own task manager. you can open chrome" s="" task="" manager=""> by right clicking on title bar -> task manager. It shows how many memory and cpu is utilized by each tab.

3. Each tab is treated as new process so if one of the tabs hangs then the whole browser is not hanged you can close this tab using task manager and use other tabs as it is.



How to secure your wi-fi network

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To secure ur Wi Fi Network the best possible solution til date is RSN and stands for Robust Secure Network then comes TSN or Tertiary Secure Network..and then WPA stands for WiFi Protected Access and then come our pretty old WEP encrytion which comes in mormally 128 and 64 bit encryption options.....

So all up to you can go for a RSN which may require for u to implement a RADIUS server + create some digital certificates using SSL ... or u can implement 64 bit WEP keys the most simple and easy to crack encrytion ...available..

All up to you mate WiFi security has all the above options....

MAC filtering

In some of the wireless routers, u can filter MAC addresses, see if ur wireless router has this feature, if u r the only person connecting to the wireless router then enter the MAC address of the wireless card of ur desktop/notebook in the router's MAC filter list, so the router will allow to/fro traffic only to this computer.

do this along with the regular WEP 128 bit encryption

SpyderSoft Wi-Fi Defense(TM) is the most easy yet powerful security software for any wi-fi network, it's having some advance features which protects you from unauthorized access


* PC running Windows 2000 or XP

* 400 MHz processor

* 128 MB RAM

* 10 MB free disk space on your hard drive

* Network card

* LAN or WLAN (Wi-Fi) network






Batman in Video Games - Part III

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We saw how stereotyped Batman was as just another fighting superhero in his earlier game avatars. We also saw how some developers tried to revolutionize Batman by trying to stay true to his comic/TV versions, but still weren't quite there yet. Now, in this third and final installment of the feature, I shall highlight upcoming games featuring Batman in ways that are both fresh and hopefully faithful to the legend of the dark knight.

Lego Batman (September 23, 2008) PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, DS, PSP, PC

Lego seems hell-bent on emasculating every cool franchise out there. First they got Star Wars, then Indiana Jones, and now Batman?! What next, Lego Hannibal? Jokes aside, you can expect this one to go in about the same direction as the other Lego games — with cute characters, stuff breaking into lego pieces, and the lead character constantly fluttering around to get his hands on little parts that act as currency.

Still, I'm not getting my hopes too high for this one, as it's not only cute and casual, but also takes Batman back into the pointless brawling phase that he so needs to get out of. Let's see how it turns out.