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Not just Music, tune into Worldspace satellite Radio

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There were times when radio was the most popular medium to cater to the entertainment and information needs of common man in both rural and urban india, but with the advent of television followed by cable , the golden era of radio almost came to an end,

The period post 2k will be remembered as the reincamation of radio, with big FM players adding glamour to the 'common person' medium.

This entertainment medium has been further enriched with the worldspace satellite radio entering the fray to entertain the people in an all new avatar, it was Noah samara who thought of worldspace satellite radio with the objective of reaching out to the world , it started in 1990.

The advantages that set the worldspace system apart from traditional radio are - the receiver is equipped with a data port that transforms it into a wireless modem cable to download data to personal computers, its digital signal means no fading, noise or interference

Currently, there are different channels satisfying the need of the listeners, A few of them that may suit your interests are -

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Download Download Download cell 8

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