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Who they are and what they do


There are thousands of different jobs in the world. Some of them require one year of study, others more than 10. But if a person wants to become a real pro in this or that sphere he should understand that it's impossible to achieve it now and then. Everybody should work hard in order to achieve success in his field. In this article professions of drivers, doctors and [..]e-commerce designers will be discussed.

Let's start with drivers. In order to be a king of the road it is enough to get the diving license. And it is not necessary to know a lot about project tracking and management tool. It doesn't take a lot of time to get a license and to start working. The only thing you need is good driving and communication skills. The latter you'll need for the police.

If you want to become a doctor you'll have to study for the whole life. The job is very serious and interesting, for some people of course. Those who are afraid of blood shouldn't even try.


And the last thing to talk about is a profession of e-commerce designer. For some people it is even unknown. It gets even worse when they hear the word. They have no idea about it. But those who have once tried to work online understand the importance of this position. Everything you see in front of you when you are online depends on this guy.

If you have already chosen your career and work in the field you like, you should know the importance of being a professional. And you will always be looking for such people. Try to find them at celoxis.com and elkore.com



Dual boot Windows 7 Beta | Uninstall dual boot


Windows 7 Beta has been the most awaited OS among Windows users around the globe and it has been prooved when the official page of Windows 7 was crippled temporarily becouse of the continuous stream of traffic for those who tried the download link on January 9th Window 7 is far better than Windows Vista and XP, there is no question about it. But many users are not willing to give up their current OS because it is still in beta stage.

Dual boot provides options to those who like to use their current OS for regular work and also gets a chance to feel new Windows 7 Beta features. It is not tough to make dual boot for both OS Windows 7 and Vista, it Only requires only few steps to make it possible.

Step 1: Burn Windows 7 Beta on DVD

Since you already have a fresh copy of Windows 7 Beta, you have to burn it onto a DVD. There are several range of Burning softwares that can offer what you need. Like; InfraRecorder, ImgBurn and Nero 9 etc.

Step 2: Partition Your Hard Drive

You can create partition in Windows Vista very easy as it has easy built in function for partitioning.You can Google to learn how to partition your hard disk


Step 3: Windows 7 Installation


Next step is the most easy of all. Insert your Windows 7 cd and Initiate installing Windows 7. Once you copy all the files, it will reboot your computer. Remember booting from the DVD drive is enabled

An easy installation wizard is what you see after DVD boots up. when selecting installation type ,make sure to select custom (advanced) and the partition you have created.

Windows then auto complete the rest of remaining installation process. Just sit back and relax or Go and watch Tv. You will Notice the pc gets restarted Number of times. Eventually you'll be prompted to set up your account and enter the license key.

You are now welcome to the new Generation of OS - Windows 7 :)



Tracker: Easy To Use Vehicle Tracking Device


Tracker is just one of the many GPS branded vehicle tracking systems on the market today. Tracker can be easily installed in your vehicle and it is simple to use. The units when installed will be able to tell you where the car is, where it has gone, and monitor other options. It uses a Global Position System or GPS and can work with your mobile phone. If you ever need to look at where your fleet or car is you can also use the internet.

With your regular web browser you just log in to Tracker Reporter and get all the details you need. For example if you need historical reports, information on current location, or when the vehicle may have gone off the map you can get that simply by logging on.

There are also insurance benefits to using Tracker. Tracker has a high rate of recovery. It even meets Thatcham standards, which is the official company for security protection. Insurance companies recognise Tracker and quite often give discounts to any vehicle with the device.



4 Steps for SEO Sites

Do you want a website set up for SEO that is also still going to help the consumer? There are four ways to help get your site set to make it usable to the search engines, but still not damage your content for consumers.by applying these four techniques you are ensuring that your website has a chance to get the best rankings. You are not changing anything to the content that a consumer would find displeasing.

In fact you are making it easier for them to navigate and find your site. By helping the search engine you also help the consumer. There are other areas you should consider for SEO that make it easier for the search engine to move through and rank your site.

1. By using plug in’s you can change the URL’s you have to something better for the SEO strategy. In other words if you have www.blah-blah.com then changing it to www.blahblah.com is better for SEO. Most sites that use the hyphen don’t need it and it will actually hinder SEO. It also makes it easier for the consumer to remember.

2. Consider your scripts. You should have a CGI/Perl script which allows information to be available before a query string. In other words it will cause an equality on your end.

3. Mod-Rewrite is another aspect to change the query strings for better access in the index.

4. Lastly, consider the static page. Your website should have a link to all the important pages, but leave out those you don’t need to have spiders move through. This makes the entire set easier to look through for the search engine.

These other methods include such things as keywords, link building, and title tags. When you combine everything in the SEO world in the correct manner you will not have to wonder why you are not indexed because you will be indexed in the proper fashion. Another up and coming technique is allowing videos on the site, or at least a link to the video.

As long as you structure each page properly, check the links, and provide a site map for navigation you shouldn’t have to worry about being friendly to your search engines. The fact is most search engines are looking for the same thing, so once you have the rules down you can create a site that will work all the time.