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A simple looking Scrap can make you lose your Orkut Profile

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We often see those attractive glittering Images and text in our scraps, At first glance those cute looking Images doesn't look like as it can harm you in any way

But its not the truth, around 10 percent of graphic scraps are suspicious and it can even make you lose your Orkut profile.

Shocked ?

Here im telling you what exactly a hacker do with those beautiful looking images to gain unauthorized access to your orkut profile,and make you a weeping baby crying for his profile

A suspicious looking Graphic scrap look like a Usual Glitter scrap from orkutstyle and orkutglitter website.

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A hacker uses a simple html code to create those Graphic scraps, ( in place of Orkut.com hacker use his Fake page link for this task)

Hacker Create a Fake Orkut login page and link it to the graphic image, when victim click on that link he gets directed to that Phishing page, Victim unknowingly Enter his login details and give away his password to hacker.

Its easy to differentiate between Genuine and fake pages. just keep an eye on the url, if the link you see is other than orkut and hosted on any other website then its a Phishing Page

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