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How to protect and keep your PC clean and Optimized


Windows updates will help block threats that exploit system loopholes, but the PC only gets real ammunition to fight threats with when you use software that monitors its health every moment that is is running, Set up your antivirus program such that it registers all activity and sets off an alarm in case it senses any potential danger, You can get a round the clock protection a full Internet security suite from companies such as F-secure, Norton or McAfee, which provide antivirus, Firewall, antispyware and a number of other tools that constantly run in background and speed up your PC.


But if you are looking for a quick and free scanner that is also light on resources, AVG scanner Free or Avast could be the right partner for your system, Open the program and find the settings that determine how often it checks the Internet for updates, In AVG, click on 'Update Manager' and activate the option 'Start automatic updates', You can specify a time at which the tool should download the updates, such as late at night if you leave your computer on, To make sure that the program is working to its fullest potential, set a tick in front of the option 'Resident shield is active' and 'Scan for Tracking Cookies' In the 'Resident shield' menu. If you want to exclude specific folders from this rule, open the 'Manage Exception' dialog and enter the paths of the folders.

Similarly, make sure you are running a trustworthy Anti-spyware and best registry repair software, Good registry cleaner helps you remove superfluous registry entries neatly and quickly, The tool also warns about critical registry keys that shouldn't be experimented with, and make sure all these are updated regularly, the top registry cleaner software and programs such as Spybot Search and Destroy can run in the background, Keeping you safe from Trojans and malware the instant they try to infect your PC.