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Saving bookmarks in the form of html files


Since upgrading to firefox 3, the backup of bookmarks in the file "bookmarks.html" has not been updated .Why does this useful Feature not work all of a sudden?
From version 3 onwards, Firefox uses the database file "places.sqlite" to save bookmarks, and the format "json" for backup files. the file "bookmarks.html", in the previous program versions that used to store the bookmarks, is no longer used in firefox 3, However if you want to continue to use it for simple backups, You can make a setting in the advanced configuration to instruct the browser to automatically update the "bookmarks.html" file on closing as it did in the older versions.


Type "about.config" in the address bar and press [ Enter ] confirm the warning " i will be careful, I promise !" Now search fr the entry "browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML", Double-click on it, to change the logical value to "true". Now, the browser will update the file 'bookmarks.html" directly in the profile folder on closing firefox every time.

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