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Do's and don't for a blogger


If you want to become a professional blogger, You need to know some usefull information (that many ppl think is not necessary). you just cant become successful in overnight you , select a good blogging plateform (Recommended, - - - - - - - - - -

*choose a good theme

(so that you can write articles continuously on the topic you choose)

* Improve your writing skill

* Try to get good traffic through:-

* social bookmarking (digg, stumbleupon, delicious, technorati)

* press release

* Website that is dedicated for bloggers (bloglog, blogcatalog)

* SEO (to get good ranking in search engines)

* Forums


* Visit other people's blog and give your genuine comments.

* Reciprocal linking

And the next very important thing is .a blogger must know some psychological points. they also need to have patience which is really very important.

* Whatever happens maintain Consistency

* For the first three months you need to be extra careful, because most of the people quit blogging within the first three months.

* Make friendship with your fellow bloggers.

* Keep yourself happy and motivate yourself each and everyday.

* Teach others who are interested in blogging....believe me this will help you very much to grow as good blogger.

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