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Restoring disappeared bookmarks | Restoring bookmarks


Great for some reasons, the browser refuses to show your bookmarks collected over a long period of time, Apart from the format of the actual bookmarks in the new database file 'Places.sqlite' , The format of the backup file has also changed to the type '.json' with version 3, JSON stands for 'JavaScript Object Notation' and signifies an independent data exchange format as a further development of XML, It supports the completely revised bookmarks management system and records not only addresses, But also additional data for sorting and managing them, The individual daily backup files in the new format are the in the sub-folder 'Bookmarkbackups' in the respective FireFox profile

">Restoring Bookmarks

While restoring the bookmarks some things must be considered, The database file 'Plaes.sqlite' cannot be simply exchanged and transferred to another computer, for instance, From a JSON file, you can only completely reset the status to this backup date, Any possible changes are lost, To reconstruct them, Click 'Bookmarks | Organize Bookmarks' and then click 'Import and Backup' and select 'Restore | Select file...' Then navigate to the profile folder of FireFox and further in the sub-folder 'Bookmarkbackups' Then select the desired JSON file and click 'Open' Confirm the security query 'Restore Bookmarks' by clicking 'OK'.

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