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How does PCI Express Supercede its predecessors?


The PCIe or the PCI express ( Short for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express ), is an expansion card standard which has been designed to replace several older standards, Which include the PCI, PCI-X and AGP, unlike the PCI which was based on a shared parallel bus topology, the PCIe uses a point-to-point connection, which ensures faster communication between devices, Each point-to-point connection is called as a link, which enable both I/O request and sideband messages.

Also if you are hot plugging devices [ Like a flash drive ] the power consumption is considerably less than that used by the PCI, The other notable functionalities include greater bandwidth usage per connection pin and better error detection and error handling facilities, This ensures that a PCIe can be easily and more effectively incorporated with portable computers.

The latest version of PCIe v2.0, which offers both backward and forward compatibity to PCIe v1.x.

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