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SEO Copywriting - An art Of generating quality web traffic

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SEO copywriting is the creation of keyword articles for search engine optimization. The idea is to use carefully selected keywords sprinkled throughout the article to attract the attention of search engines. You need to strike a balance when doing this. The primary purpose of the article is to boost your search engine rankings, but the article has to be readable as well.

When doing SEO copywriting, you need to know your subject matter. People using search engines are looking for information. Do some research about your product or service before you begin. Make some notes. Create an entertaining and informative article. If it is obvious that you don’t know what you’re talking about, this will turn readers off; remember, readers are potential customers.

You also need to research your keywords when writing SEO articles. The most commonly searched keywords may not be the best, as many other webmasters will be using the same ones. You may want to try using a less frequently searched but more targeted keyword or phrase to draw higher quality traffic to your website.

One major pitfall of SEO copywriting is overusing keywords. You do need a certain keyword density to attract the attention of search engines, but you don’t want to use the same one too many times.

A good rule of thumb is to use your keyword about once every one hundred words. You should also think about having a few secondary keywords, and working them into the body of your article as well. Make sure you work them into the text in a natural fashion. An article that is obviously no more than a container for keywords can be a turnoff for your readers.

Finally, when you have written your article, proofread and spell-check it. Your article should not contain spelling or grammar errors. Many readers will consider sloppy writing to be a sign of laziness, and possibly of incompetence. Remember, the purpose of SEO copywriting is to attract visitors to your website who will hopefully turn into customers for your business.

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