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The main differences between 3G and 3G S iPhone


The main differences between 3G and 3G S iPhone --

  • ----3G S iPhone has an improved camera with 3mp cam featuring auto-focus and auto image property adjustment like brightness and stuff.
  • ----3G S iPhone has video recording capability, it can record video upto 30 frames per second. You can even edit your video instantly and share it.
  • ----3G S iPhone has capability to send video MMS.
  • ----3G S iPhone has an in-built magnetometer which is nothing but a digital compass which has its own advantage.
  • ----3G S iPhone has oleophobic coating on screen which helps in maintaining it neat.
  • ----3G S iPhone has a longer battery life of upto 20% more.

  • ----3G S iPhone has a better processor and more ram making it more than 2 times faster than 3G iphone.
  • ----3G S iPhone has voice control feature for controlling many functions in iPhone with your voice.
  • ----3G S iPhone has inline remote in headset for music control
  • ----3G S iPhone weighs 2 grams more
  • ----3G S iPhone has PowerVR SGX processor capable of handling OpenGL ES 2.0 allowing much more complex and better graphics than OpenGL ES 1.1, 3G iPhone is not capable of this.
  • ----3G S iPhone is available in both white and back colors with 16gb and 32gb capacities

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