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AddressGuard -- Protect ur Yahoo IDs on net

Well actually this info is quite old and might be known to many members.. but I just thought to put light into it again..This is a free service by Yahoo mail with which you can Create and manage disposable email addresses to defend your primary address against spam - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

for eg. if your e-mail id is and you don't want it to spread over many websites on internet then you can easily make disposable email ids, which will look like but no effects on incoming mails. This way you can manage your emails better. and you can even use your new disposable id to send mails.

Take its tour provided by yahoo and you will understand easily.. what is it and how it works and how it may help you. How to access and Setup ? A. Login to yahoo mail >> options >> mail >> AddressGuard First take a tour and then continue to setup.

You will be needed to

1. Choose a Base Name

2. Choose keyword

3. Done

4. Manage Disposable E-mails

Now I don't think there is much to tell more about it.

still Comments and queries are welcomed..

So, I suggest, Use AddressGuard and Be safe

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