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Chinese Mobile Won't Ring Soon! | China fake IMEI

What is government planning to do about china made spoofed imei's mobiles beacouse many chinese handsets have valid imei's but they are stolen from some branded mobile.. i borrowed my freinds chinese phone for a day to see what its all abt and was amazed to see it contained so many features frm TV to shake function!!!... and last but nt the least wen i entered the imei on a website to check its authenticity it said its valid n the manufacturer is Nokia and handset model is E90!!!

Also what is government gonna do if chinese handsets have valid imei but many such handsets hv the same imei and are operating on same or different networks.. shouldn't they be banned too....

Also only with few minutes of googling i came thru many softwares tht can b used to change the imei of chinese phones. to watever u want... i feel even if such fones r banned these shops who sell these fones will eventually download such softwares n start changing the imei fr a nominal price... who knws some imei generator is also created using the imei algorithm..(i dunno if it already exists or not)...

(extended deadline is 15th April)

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