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Does 'Slumdog Millionaire' deserve an Oscar..??

The slumdog millionare was a true presentation of the real India and the indians who have to cope up with lots of challenges that most of us here cant understand..... it really deserves an Oscar... in the scene where in when the kids are chased away from the unused runway danny boyle shows what a slum life is like, danny boyle definitely deserves the tag of a genius for that alone if not for the entire movie.......but i personally think danny boyle is a genius. Slumdog millionaire is good between. a no. of things were highly exaggerated!! music is trendy and lyrics in a way were based on the movie line...

screenplay is extra-ordinary... cinematography is great! direction by danny proved it wasnt an 'indian' film!!

script was as a said a little too loud!! production values in the country were poor...

all in all a great movie... dont really think it deserves an oscar in the best film catagory but it certainly does deserve it in a no. of catagory and as the film is largely in english, it will not be considered in the "FOREIGN LANGUAGE" catagory which will play in the films advantage!

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