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Bads & goods about IPTV

I am using iptv (now i control) from past six months.....for me i am satisfied with the service......rohini (delhi) exchange....

1.Channel Quality ----> v good

2.Channel availabilty ---> except espn/star sports / colors / all leading channels are available......120 channels...200 VOD .. games not wrking....TSTV available only for the free to air DD gruop / b4u music only

3.Blackouts due to server breakdown ---> iptv is not dependent on mtnl bb server..even withou configuring the modem (i.e. without username / password) it connects it self to iptv server.......since i watch iptv only in nights i dont face any major black outs except 4-5 times in six months....u just on/off ur settop box & it starts wrking again

4.Low Internet Speed due to IPTV ----> yes ur DATA dl/ul speed is reduced to 256 kbps

5.Troubles in phone connection due to IPTV -----> no problem at all.

but here is some basic requirment for smooth funtioning-----

1. distance from exch <>

2. no parallel conn / joint free tel. line

3. ur SNR margin...... Down stream> 23 db

4. ur line attenuation .....down stream <>

5. ur tv must have audio-video port (RED-WHITE-YELLOW CONNECTORS)

If u have the Advantage of Normal Cable for Around 250 or Even 300 Rs per Month.... Stick with It ( if you dont have bsnl service in your area or you are living far away from bsnl exchange )

For Other Services (Picture Quality) :

1. Tata Sky & DIsh TV

2. CASE Set top Box

3. Normal Cable Line

Dish TV customer Service & Recharge Options are Really Dodgy

Tata Sky Beats Dish TV Any day..

No Idea about BIG TV yet

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