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Run Knoppix with a USB device


The given tutorial cover the entire procedure of running Knoppix continualy from a compact USB flash drive by using Qemu from a Windows 98, XP or a Vista host PC without always rebooting. Almost all your personal settings and changes will be automatically restored at boot with the Persistence image. This is completed by using Qemu emulation software in combination with a persistent virtual hard disk image file for recovering and restoring changes.

Qemu Knoppix main requirements:

* 1 GB Plus a USB flash drive

* A Windows running computer

* Knoppix ISO

* QKB.exe


Qemu Knoppix USB installation process:

>>. Download QKB.exe then run, a QKnoppix folder is created

>>. Download the Knoppix Linux ISO and shift it to the QKnoppix directory

>>. Click LaunchKP.bat from the QKnoppix folder to initiate Knoppix

>>. Press Enter at the boot prompt

>>. At the Knoppix Configuration ready, to use the home persistence option, Submit OK

>>. If everything is done appropriately you should now be booting into Knoppix via Qemu. Download knoppix DVD

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