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Problems connecting online Games


Most online games connect to their respective servers with the help of some external applications, A famous example of the same is the Gamespy application that connects the game to the server. If this application isn't installed in your machine then make sure you get it installed from the website and try reconnecting to the game server. An important lesson to be learnt in online gaming is that many games fail to connect because of different versions of it installed across the internet. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that there are no patches or special updates installed in the client version of the game.

The server may not recognize the client if it detects another version installed on it. various game developer pages hold information of the version of the application that run on their perspective servers.


As a last resort you can use your patience and wait for a while before establishing a connection to the server again. There are chances that a server may crash temporarily because of power failure or bugs. This may take a while to be resolved

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Ashlee said...
April 17, 2009 at 8:02 PM  

Hey hi ...
this is true .. my I m big time fan of games .. I love playing games like car racing, bik races .. I have a good collection as well.. but as you know .. internet is not secure .. I downloaded some virus along with it ... which really troubled me... if u too have any such issue .. u can call 1800602586,I really liked ur blog ... I have bookmarked it .. would like to read more from u .. as I myself is a blogger ...

Ashlee Adward,

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