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Usb devices with Windows XP | USB malfunctioned


Preventing PC crashes caused due to connection of certain USB devices Xp, The minute you connect a USB device to your pc, It shows USB malfunctioned and it crashes, A restart solves the problem only if you remove the device, There are probably a few dead drivers lurking in the underbelly if the operating system, Analyze hidden entries in the Device Manager, Which are almost certainly the reasons for the behavior.

To do this open 'Control Panel | System | Advanced | Environment variables' and then create two entries clicking the 'New' button - first create the entry 'Devmgr_show_details and put in the value '1', and then the second one 'Devmgr_show_nonpresent. devices with value also as '1' and then save the changes.

Usb devices with Windows XP

After this open device manager and click on 'View | Show hidden devices', The icon assigned to them is almost self-explanatory, Now delete all the entries that are related to the malfunctioning USB devices by right clicking on them and selecting 'Uninstall' Under no circumstances should you delete anything other than the hidden devices! Restart you computer once and your problematic USB devices should no Longer cause you any trouble

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