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Tracker: Easy To Use Vehicle Tracking Device


Tracker is just one of the many GPS branded vehicle tracking systems on the market today. Tracker can be easily installed in your vehicle and it is simple to use. The units when installed will be able to tell you where the car is, where it has gone, and monitor other options. It uses a Global Position System or GPS and can work with your mobile phone. If you ever need to look at where your fleet or car is you can also use the internet.

With your regular web browser you just log in to Tracker Reporter and get all the details you need. For example if you need historical reports, information on current location, or when the vehicle may have gone off the map you can get that simply by logging on.

There are also insurance benefits to using Tracker. Tracker has a high rate of recovery. It even meets Thatcham standards, which is the official company for security protection. Insurance companies recognise Tracker and quite often give discounts to any vehicle with the device.

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