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Dual boot Windows 7 Beta | Uninstall dual boot


Windows 7 Beta has been the most awaited OS among Windows users around the globe and it has been prooved when the official page of Windows 7 was crippled temporarily becouse of the continuous stream of traffic for those who tried the download link on January 9th Window 7 is far better than Windows Vista and XP, there is no question about it. But many users are not willing to give up their current OS because it is still in beta stage.

Dual boot provides options to those who like to use their current OS for regular work and also gets a chance to feel new Windows 7 Beta features. It is not tough to make dual boot for both OS Windows 7 and Vista, it Only requires only few steps to make it possible.

Step 1: Burn Windows 7 Beta on DVD

Since you already have a fresh copy of Windows 7 Beta, you have to burn it onto a DVD. There are several range of Burning softwares that can offer what you need. Like; InfraRecorder, ImgBurn and Nero 9 etc.

Step 2: Partition Your Hard Drive

You can create partition in Windows Vista very easy as it has easy built in function for partitioning.You can Google to learn how to partition your hard disk


Step 3: Windows 7 Installation


Next step is the most easy of all. Insert your Windows 7 cd and Initiate installing Windows 7. Once you copy all the files, it will reboot your computer. Remember booting from the DVD drive is enabled

An easy installation wizard is what you see after DVD boots up. when selecting installation type ,make sure to select custom (advanced) and the partition you have created.

Windows then auto complete the rest of remaining installation process. Just sit back and relax or Go and watch Tv. You will Notice the pc gets restarted Number of times. Eventually you'll be prompted to set up your account and enter the license key.

You are now welcome to the new Generation of OS - Windows 7 :)

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