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Blogging about Facebook and Twitter!


Blogging experience (another revival), it seems. But this time it seems that the web-sites, blogs were charged with murder, are responsible for ensuring that more popular than ever.I wrote recently on sale to Facebook Friendfeed, which caused people to rethink where they place their content online. The number of users is Friendfeed, because that was reported on the claim of privacy, Facebook and its stakeholders fears over the 'net. Users of other websites wondering how to get their content online, if your current provider, or go bankrupt or be swallowed by a company without taking into account.

In This Week in Tech (TWiT) respected industry commentator, John C. Dvorak, Leo Laporte om Malik and he later said the obvious solution to this problem, self-hosted blog. I agree. But while blogs provide the material to which the power of Facebook or Twitter, in relation to communication and messaging people. Blog comments, because the fluid is necessary for maintenance deficiencies.

NOTE: I am currently investigating several options that could open source "that everything can be shared not only by their blog content, but the message in real time to network online. I will tell you more more about this shortly.

The note from the Survey of Trends

In attempt to start blogs as an integral part of their online presence they have, many bloggers are using the additive-inch series. Services like Disqus and create excellent response already very popular because of its ability to collect material from different social networking sites, and delivered them to the user's own blog.

Tech News Blog twitterWhilst the supplements necessary step in the right direction, the problem is that once all the supplements at beenuninstalled, was given on the subject of your blog will thiachóga. One to keep the traffic on my blog actually left. In other words, they become dependent on them, and as such is type 'locked in' to use them.

If the material can be permanently stored on the blog, this would be another step in the right direction to make. By the way, if you know a way to do it, Tell me know.

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