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What a podcast website is


In the informative society we live in it is rather difficult to compete on the Internet media market. News websites, video blogs, photo galleries… There are thousands of similar websites containing all kinds of messages. That’s why you need something unique to attract new visitors to your website and make them stay for a long time. Why not to try to create a website with podcasts? Let us specify that a podcast is your own audio file or a radio show you can place to your website and thus share with a lot of people. Does it sound tempting? We are sure it does, especially considering our simple tutorial that can help you build a podcast website merely in no time. Using modern techs such as iPod or an MP3 player you can deliver unique information to your visitors as often as you want.

Visit us online at Site2you.com right now and make sure that to create a podcast website and make the dream of your own radio show come true with Site2you is easy as a pie.

You basic material for creating a podcast website is Mp3 files which you can easily upload from your PC or an MP3 player. Simply move to “Edit Page Layout” =>”Add Content Box” => “Miscellaneous” => “MP3 Player” to add a new audio file to your web page.

Make a double click on the player area and go to “Edit content” button to add more items and change their properties. Through “Advanced Content Editing” section you can add either one audio file or a group of files. Go to “Add a new element to MP3 Player” tab, upload your new audio, give it a name and tag comments to it. You can save all the changes by clicking on “Add a new element” tab. Now you see that to build a website with podcasts doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. Due to our easy in use admin panel and this simple script you can add your audio files in any amounts and supply your site with unique information.

Now we can switch to editing the appearance of the main page. You won’t find this step difficult either.

Choosing “Edit content” => “Edit highlighted content” tab you can change logo and slogan for your web child. You can do this by double clicking on the menu bar and modifying all the details.

Open media library using “iBrowser” button in WYSIWYG editor and upload new pictures. Due to “Insert/Edit link” tab you can link any images and texts on your website either to your own resource or to external web pages.

Remember that we have elaborated a rich gallery of e-turnkeys to satisfy the most demanding clients. So you can pick out any of it and fully edit according to your needs.

Cooperating with our site builder you can make your dream of having your own radio show come true. Site2you will gladly help you make your own website with podcasts in a few simple and enjoying steps. Nowadays you do not need to have any specific computer or designing skills to make a website look exquisite – just use your own interesting audio files and see how many users flow to your website immediately. The whole process takes minimum of time and further you can upload new items and edit your site any moment. In case some problems occur while editing your page, feel free to contact us via email or online chat. Our friendly webmasters are always there to assist you.

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