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Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile


Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile - For those of you who check thier Gmail inboxes generally would like to know what is going on with your e-mail more in real time than regular fetch mail on your Mobile phone allows.Certainly, using Gmail in your cellphone web browser gives you complete benefits of conversation threading because you still make to refresh every time you would like to check for new mail.

When Google introduced synch for Contacts and Google Calendar earliest this yr, an over the air, always-on connection to synch e-mail was noticeably missing. We found out your requests aloud and clear, and going nowadays you could use Google synch to get your Gmail messages pushed immediately to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Windows Mobile device in no time.


You can set push Gmail by itself or select to synch your Contacts and/or Calendar too. If you are using an iPhone, be sure you are running iPhone OS version 3.0 or higher (on your device, click Settings > General > About and roll down till you see Version). If your software is outdated, follow Apple's upgrade directions. Then, visit from your pc for set up instructions. If you are already using Google Sync, you'll be able to just enable push e-mail.

Once you are set up, new emails are generally pushed to your Mobile phone within secs. Although this type of speed is pretty amazing, push connections tend to use much power than fetching at intervals, so don't be surprised whenever your battery life Is not quite what it used to be. We have done many work to optimise power usage, but if you would like to save battery life, you could always turn off push in your Mobile phone settings and fetch e-mail every thirty or sixty minutes instead.

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