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The basics of SEO have been learned by many of us. We know what it is and the benefits we can reap. In SEO Strategy Second Class we are delving into a specific topic. This is beyond a 101 style class. Google has announced that they are changing how certain sites will be indexed. They want to clean up the internet of strictly SEO sites and make it more relevant. Keywords have a huge role in how a person finds our site.

In past SEO it meant using one keyword, stuffing the article to the brim,submit articles to directory, and getting on top. Google wants to see less of this. Their new rule states that any keyword used for your website or a PPC ad must be pertinent. Here is an example of what we mean:

1. Your site sells only bird supplies. All types of bird supplies and even birds. However, throughout the site you have talked about dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals. You have filled your content with these other keywords, just to get hits. They have no meaning to your product.


In this case an unsuspecting consumer can click on your site because they see “dog” in the meta description or URL. They figure you sell dog products or have Information. To their disappointment you do not. It was a hoax to draw in more traffic.

2. You sell beauty products: eye creams, face creams, body creams, lotions, etc. You use keywords that apply to the creams you sell, the areas of the body they work on, and beauty keywords. This second example is what Google wants to see. Your URL may be Your meta description may be “Beauty products by Coleen sells facial creams, body creams, and provides beauty tips regarding our products.” In this example you have targeted what you sell. The consumer knows what to expect and finds it.

Google’s new rule regarding keyword use is all about this second example. They are sending out their bots to index sites which do not fool consumers with false keywords. They are also looking for organic SEO. Organic SEO is a natural means to gaining page rank. By providing a natural flow in the information you provide, obtaining links with keywords that are relevant, and using Adwords for good solid ads and submit your article to directory increase your page ranking

. To do the opposite by tricking the consumer you will lose your standings. There are many SEO tools available online that may help you to rank good optimize your websites and blogs for search engine, it also help you learn more about SEO. If you have any questions or you just want to say something about this article please feel free to use the comment link below.

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