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Tips to create a very high professional web design


Before we start some of the Important steps required to build a professional web design and webpage, the following queries must be cleared: What makes a professional web design? More often, a web designer or website designing company provides professional web design services for their clients and users. However, are they be promoting ' web designing service ' rather than ' ' professional web design services' ?

When analysing the credibility of a website design and website, one should take into consideration a number of factors and steps

1. High-quality design

2. Project collaboration tools (if project has more than one individual involved)

3. Multi-stage web design process

4. XHTML and CSS validation (clean code)

5. Usability

6. Current web design technology (CSS)

7. Attention to detail

8. Well written, interesting, grammatically correct content

9. Abuse of Flash, Javascript, and sound effects

10. Optimization

11. Standard compliants

12. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly

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