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Doomsday 2012 - A myth or reality


Muslims think there is a time for DOOM DAY , there are lots of predictions still left which haven't been completed, so its not possible the DOOM DAY come so early, unless all the prediction get complete in just 4 years, which don't seem it possible. But why to get scared, death which is the most authentic fact of life is present.

There was a village, where a fox used to kill the goats of the people. People were too much annoyed of that fox. One day people planed to trap the fox. And they did. People had start discussing how to kill the fox. Looking at this, fox start shouting "If you kill me than doomsday will arrive" those people get scared but they can't leave the fox just like that, after discussion they decided to release the fox, because goats were dead but if the doomsday comes than everyone will die


When they release the fox. Fox ran away towards the jungle, while running towards jungle Fox shouted: Fools, If you had killed me, the doomsday would come for me "

So it isn't important when doomsday will come but are we prepared for it?

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Some peoples think Mayan web Calender is fake, According to this 2010 calender the 1st day is August 11th, 3114 BC, and we know now it was the 1st day of this earth

1st fake proof is Mayan Calender, which speaks spiritually as the end

2nd Proof Milky way galaxy comes close to solar system.We all know galaxies and stars are going away from each other so don't make sense at all

3rd proof Electromagnetic will change direction

I don't know whether its a proof or not but, if even that happens than only electromagnetic devices, and the creatures who lies on electromagnetic will die, other creatures such as humans, many plants, and the animals which we eat will not die.

4th proof Cosmic Dust,

It don't predict the date, but it says it could happen tomorrow or after million years so, why to bother?

5th Proof something happening to the earth, which cause gama rays to generate from inside, and also planet SHIFT.

again, Scientist never give any date, it could happen tomorrow or after millions years.

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