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Simple, Free Online Surveys with Google Docs


Google docs is a free, powerful online word processor, but did you know that it cn help you create and distribute surveys forms as well? Read on to find out how.

There are many times when we have to take a survey for a college assignment or project at work but creating and formatting a questionaire is painful and time consuming. you have to formulate the questions carefully, printout the forms, and then manually distribute them, if that wasn't enough after you get the results, going through every form and meticulously collating the data is another nightmare, to make it simple for you, Google docs features the ability to create forms in just a few clicks.

Creating the form

to begin just go to and log in using your google account, after that click new and select form from the drop-down menu. a page will open on which you can enter your questions

Enter a title such as "Test form" and a description in the boxes provided keep the 'Name' box empty: this us for the respondent to fill in ,now in the 'Question title' and 'Help text' fields, type your questions and hints for the respondents [if required]. In the 'Question type' drop-down, select 'Text', 'Multiple choice' or 'checkboxes' depending on your methods of analysis for example 'Choose from a list' lets you lmit the response to one of multiple chioces, but 'Text', lets the respondent type anything. after this, click 'Done' if a question needs to be compulsory, check 'Make this a required Question'

Now to create the next question , click 'Add question' and repeat the steps till you have added all the questions you need after that click 'save' in the top right corner to save the new google doc.

Publishing the Form


After you have created the form, the next step is to send it out to be filled to do this click 'Email this form' and enter the email addresses of the people you want to send it to, Google docs will automatically compose a message with a description of the new form and a unique link for it, alternatively, if you want to use the survey on your blog or website click 'More actions' and select 'Embed' This will generate a unique string of html code which you can copy and paste as an entry on your blog or website to embed the form

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