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Security Holes Detected and patched


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Hackers can infiltrate and run dangerous code using a new hole in Microsoft's web browser. All versions from 5.01 to the persent version 8 betas are affected.

Solution: Users have already recieved a patch through windows update.

Mozilla Firefox
Hackers can use eight new security loop holes in Firefox to run dangerous code. These include one critical weakness that immediately crashes the entire browser

Solution: The bugs are eliminated in version 3.0.5

Multiple Symantec products
Hackers are using defective driver spbbcdrv.sys by symantec software to paralyze computers. Norton 360, Norton Internet security have been vulnerable since april 2007

Solution: An update for affected products has been pushed out via Live update.

Linksys Wireless Internet camera WVC54gc
If an attacker sends a rigged data packet to the UDP port 916, he gains access to system configuration details including the wi-fi password and user names

Solution: Install tyhe firmare version 1.25 on the device

Make sure your internet browser is safe by installing antivirus software! Visit for more info.

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