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Most Indians use their cellphones for fun, romance


A study recently conducted by windows mobile and market reserch firm Synovate has found that a large percentage of indians use their cellphones for unconventional purposes, and that mobile communication is now a huge force in our lives. Amongst the findings the study has revealed that indians have the highest incidence of shooting voyeuristic pictures/photos with their mobile phone at 33 percent, A further 54 percent of indians flirt with their partners using SMS, MMS or IM, and over 65 percent use their phones while eating out, watching movies and attending weddings, In addition, 21 percen use their cellphones at place of worship, The study also found that 59 percent of indians prefer touch based devices, and 57 percent choose their phones based on music quality and storage capacity.


However, while the study was conducted in five countries, only 2,500 respondents were polled in total, out of which the sample size of indians was 513, With such a small number ( and no demographic information ), the results can not claim to reflect the habits of indians.

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