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$99 iPhone dream is now a Reality


Its not a dream anymore, many people asking Apple for a cheap $99 i-Phone. and everyone know about apple attitude (don’t tell us what to do) for customers request , everyone is saying that this not gonna happen at all. Well, to tell you the story short, this is here, An almost $99 iPhone with Best Buy

To get this $99 iphone you just need to go to your local Best Buy and meet few requirements: you need be a Best Buy Premier Silver member as of February 21 2009; you just have to buy the iphone in Best Buy shop between now and Saturday, Feb 28th; and you just need to sign up for a new two year contract with AT & T . If you are eligible to meet those requirements, then you too, can get over $99.99 for a 8GB iPhone, or $199.99 for a 16GB iPhone,


The 99$ i-Phone has become kind of a myth and even though it has never materialized, many techies believe a cheap i-Phone will be an immediate change in gaming world and other industries. and if it comes in future it could ommit some features like 3g and gps and apple might look into this segment to reach those people who cant afford $400 iphone,

Good news for readers is that We will give away promo codes for i-Phone and i-Pod Applications in next couple of days , you can download those application from Apple Store for absolutely FREE. We will give away at least five promo codes of each Applications. So i will post some promotion code offers so keep visiting Digital compass.

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