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Optimizing your Adsense Web Site

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Today we will have a brief intro about search engine optimization of your adsense web site. I plan to make this a series with around 10 posts so that you can take your site to the top 10 in search engines.

Many guys start adsense web sites n they themself click on their ads or ask their friends to click on them. This is actually a violation of the Google terms of service. Still if you would like to do it, DO IT WITH ATMOST CARE!!!

ut there is some thing that you can do to increase your click through rates. You jus have to analize ur site! Think on how to get more traffic to your web site.

Any web site has two kinds of traffic:

Organic Traffic

Inorganic Traffic

Organic traffic arises from search engines. This traffic is free n so huge and the visitors will be having much interest in the topic of your site.

Inorganic traffic is that which arises from people directly entering your url into the web browser and reaching your site. This traffic is smaller and is hard to get initially.

This series will cover a set of optimizations (both on page and off page) that you should do to get maximum ranging in the search engines and thereby inviting the flood of traffic!!

We will start with first in the series next week about On page Optimization. It will be titled: Choosing the right keywords

Please do reply to these topics with your doubts n views. You can also ask for what more you need to know.

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