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how can i avoid being banned from Adsense?

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For this time Google is likely to spare you since you are at the initial stages and most importantly your earnings is small!!

Google does not publish based on what they actually make the bannin decision! It is thought that Google keps an eye on ur CTR and ip to figure out fraud clicks!!

Google has a high knowledge of how the CTR of a real time site can vary. When your account shows a difference with this, you are put on note!

Some of the guys I know who lost their account, were not allowed to use their existing id or home address to make a second account. But when you cancel an account you can get the new one in your existing id and home address. Anyways I don't recomment you to do this now!

Use some of the highly paying keywords that we have given in this community. Using high paying keywords and properly setting your competitive ad filter can work wonders for our site.

Try the optimum positioning of your ad units too..

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