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Xperia - Great phone by sony ericsson

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With xperia launch, Sony ericsson moves to Windows OS, leaving the symbian OS. May be a step in right direction, for this allows many third party applications to run on this phone....May be in wrong direction, for what we were proud of earlier is gone. This comes more as a successor of P1 and adresses the issues lacking in that Quad band and GPS. Though not of much is like a corporate compromise by Sony Ericsson.

The look and the skin gives a nice feeling and the best part is the icon placing..which is in an arc, the way our hand moves, very much in sync with the wheel designing of iPod, but 1st time in something called iPhone. The OS is of yet to be introduced Windows 6.1 and other features surely are kewl enough to make one go gaga about it. The Xperia X1 will have a Qualcomm 7200A CPU running at 528 MHz, 128MB RAM and a nice 'n' juicy, 1500 mAh battery. The Aluminium finsh of the front panel is too sexy to resist.


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