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The Keyword Balancing Act

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The most useful keywords will strike a balance between popularity, relevance, and competition. We’re going to ask you to identify some of these more balanced keywords.

Higher Competitiveness/Higher Relevance If you are drawn to a competitive term, be sure that it is balanced out with a very high degree of relevance.


Higher Popularity/Lower Competition/Higher Relevance This is the ideal balance. If you can find terms that are used heavily by searchers, are closely tied to your conversion goal, and are targeted by a reasonable number of competitors, you want them on your short list!

Match Keywords to Landing Pages For a keyword to perform well in the search engines, it needs to be matched to a landing page on your site that would be an excellent destination for someone searching for this term. A good landing page for a keyword will satisfy your visitors’ needs, answer their questions, and direct them toward conversion if appropriate. Be sure the page

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