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Protecting your Wi-Fi network from connection problems and hackers


Wireless networks must basically be protected with the latest WPA encryption standard (Wi-Fi Protected Access), Sometimes, Wi-Fi routers in Centrino notebooks experience sporadic connection problem, Due to this, the notebook loses the connection to the WLAN router every 30 or 60 minutes, There could be two reasons: there could either be some problem with the router or there could be something amiss with the connection software used in notebook

I recommends using the Wi-Fi connection utility provided by Microsoft with Windows XP and above, This works perfectly with all Centrino-Compliant Wi-Fi adapters, It is best to unistall any other managers if you do not read the special functions of the proprietary software, If the windows tool alone has control over the network device, Then safe operation is guaranteed from the notebook, With the router itself, you must make sure the latest antivirus software is installed, In order to check that, open the configuration page of the router in your PC's web browser

protect your wi-fi

Often routers have a static IP address which when typed into the address bar of the web browser, opens the configuration page , This address is available in the device's manual, On the other hand , if you have changed the configuration of the router making this static address invalid, you can find out the right address with the help of the ipconfig commands enter the command "cmd" under "start | Run" Type the command "ipconfig" in the next window, After hitting [Enter], some network data is displayed, The number combination following the "Default Gateway"entry is the IP address of your bar of your browser, Then go to the configuration menu of the router and first check the whether the firmware is the latest, Refresh and restart the router, If required,

Now, check the enryption settings sometimes, It is possible to activate a sort of automatic "WPA or WPA2" encryption mode, This is a very simple security measure, however, in some router-client combinations it can lead to the sporadic disconnections as described in the beginning, Therefore, change the encryption setting to the "WPA or WPA2" method - depending on which mode your notebook supports best, WPA2 is obviously stronger, Thus, your network is not only protected against disconnections, But also against hackers.

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