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How to find the latest ringtones


Ringtones are prime and we all want one. Did you ever come across names of songs though and wonder what they could mean? It has to be songs that you never listened to. There's a site I came across where I return because it's really a good one with a comprehensive selection of possible ringtones in every possible category. Instead of heading over to Pogo tonight, I set up my own amusement here with songs I haven't heard but just saw the titles to.

Under Tecno there are a lot I never heard so

Poker Face by Lady GaGa - Not showing expression cause she's just in it for the cash.

Don't Trust Me - Young player giving fair warning to the ladies.

Knock You Down - A bowler talking to the bowling pins.

Boom Boom Pow - Some dude named Boom Boom is going to get punched.

Sandstorm - What all our deployed soldiers are facing every day.

Want It Need It - A banker talking to the government about getting MORE bail out money.

Gives You Hell - A parent when you smash up the car.

You Found Me - Who said I was lost?

Bad Girlfriend - Description of the last three of mine who dumped me.

(that's why I'm sitting here making up this stupid game to take my mind off her/them)

OMG! All I went to to do was get myself a ringtone that doesn't remind me of her and here I sit wasting all this time. OMG what should I choose? Guess "Addicted" would explain how I feel about her. Woe is me. Hope I can get a new gf by next weekend or even sooner. I'm outa here dudes!

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