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Searching right keyword for your Blog


So how do you start a new site? By choosing the right keywords, what else can you choose?Keywords and search engine optimization are the most important things you should concentrate on even before you really start building your site. keyword research should be done well before you choose your niche. Suppose you want to start a site related to insurance. You should do your keyword research at Adword keyword tool. Here you can type in your keyword (here insurance) and get the words that people around really use to search about it (insurance).

keyword research

This tool can actually give you a large number of words in relation to your keyword and also the corresponding searches that have been made on Overture for each of these terms during the previous month. Please be wise enough to locate 2-3 words with average competition to start with.

This will be what you get:

Searches | Keywords

3004788 car insurance

926156 insurance

739860 online auto insurance quote

413514 home owner insurance

378971 health insurance

370071 auto insurance quote

337733 online car insurance ...

DON'T start a site right away with the most general keyword like Insurance because it can have a huge competition n it may be difficult to survive the competition for a newly built site.

Instead you can try more specific keywords like '21st century insurance' which lies towards the bottom (not shown)and have less competition. Once you start getting traffic, go for the once with higher competition.

The importance of keyword research lies in the fact that if you create a very good site on a topic that no one actually searches for then what good is it for??

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Anonymous said...
March 30, 2009 at 8:35 PM  

I have used many keywords tools in past such like Yahoo, google tool for keyword research. I was disheartened after using them as they were showing broad results. It was fortunate that i was using a keyword tool from serp analytics which is here- ..this tool is free as well and quite nice..i think i would also give a try to the tool mentioed in your post. This will mame me sure to have a keyword selection to a greater extent..

Nice writing skills anyways..

SEO company India said...
December 17, 2009 at 11:34 AM  

Keywords and keyword phrases are very important while considering SEO strategies. The fine and unique content alone cannot help to rank the site but also the use of keywords at the right place in the content also matters in the ranking factors. I always use the adwords tool for help on keywords.
Thanks for sharing nice information here.

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