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Although, there are many web portals offering the pay-per-click or PPC method of online advertising, search engines offer the best of returns to the advertisers. This is mainly because of the popularity they enjoy with users of any and every taste. As of the year 2007, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter have been the largest operators of this technique in the market. While Google was the fi rst search engine to come up with this service, Yahoo! Search Marketing entered this market by acquiring Overture Services, Inc. Although Microsoft’s MSN did not start this service formally under its own name until 2006, it also ran advertisement services provided by Overture Services, Inc.

Introduction to Google AdSense

AdSense is a service provided by Google, through which, your web portal can be advertised when keyword specifi c searches are made on any search engine. AdSense is preferred by both the webmasters and the users as they are less disturbing and annoying as compared to loud and flashy banners. Most web users use AdSense to make their content more commercially viable. The working of AdSense is very simple. Once you register your domain with Google AdSense, a JavaScript code will be sent to you. You need to incorporate this code into the source code of your website. The Mediabot, a Google proprietary, will crawl through your website contents to identify which keywords are present so that appropriate advertisements can be hosted on your website. Thus, in simple words, when you sign up with Google as a part of their AdSense program, your website would host sponsored ads, and you would be paid according to the price bid for the ad for each click.

Introduction to Google AdWords

AdWords is an innovative mechanism for advertising on the internet and make money blog. Google was the fi rst of the three search engine giants (the other two being Yahoo! and MSN) to come up with an advertising project of this nature. This service is lucrative to all advertisers, whether they have their own web domain or not. AdWords caters to all users irrespective of their online existence. As per this service, you need to create an AdWords account after which you can start earning, based on the

user clicks on your advertisements appear as per search results. To create an AdWords account refer to the mini workshop that’s at the end of this article.

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